I'm afraid to publicly admit this, but Kenya Moore is growing on me this season. She's not quite as over-the-top this time around, but she's entertaining in a whole new way now (when you overlook that whole Apollo mess). 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared her reflections on last night's episode and pretty much feels we should all say a prayer for Porsha Stewart's brain. 

Kenya shared the bittersweet feelings of visiting such an important piece of history, even if Porsha killed the moment with her ignorance.  "Visiting the first African church was bitter sweet. Steeped in culture and history, I was amazed to see it first hand as I have other historical sites around the world. When the guide pointed out the actual markings that the iconic Harriet Tubman and or others used to identify the safe stops for slaves seeking freedom along the Underground Railroad, it was amazing to see." 


Kenya then blasts Porsha and those around her who obviously failed at giving this girl any smarts.  "When Porsha was perplexed at how the train operated or “who went down there first to make room because they didn’t have electric trains like we do now,” I became incensed. Her late grandfather, Hosea Williams, was a prominent civil rights activist in Atlanta. It was crystal clear that Porsha did not know that the Underground Railroad was not a literal train!  Porsha is an embarrassment to her grandfather, his legacy, her family, and most importantly, herself. It’s easy to laugh and call her dumb, but the reality is even more painful — WE have failed her. Our educational system has failed her, anyone who coddled her or encouraged her to focus on her makeup, weave, and shoes to find a man to take care of her rather than her education has failed her. Anyone laughing at this gross ignorance has failed her."

Kenya continues with the speech portion of her Miss WhoSA blog, "I encourage all people to teach our young girls to value the things that one cannot take away from you. A woman’s value is not between her legs but between her ears." 

She then giggles over watching the awkwardness between Kandi, Mynique and Phaedra.  "Yes I’m messy! I ask the questions everyone wants to know. I wanted the dirt. Kandi was trying to be nice in the hot seat about her former fling with Mynique’s husband Chuck. And of course it was fun to see Phony Phae Phae squirm at describing her jump off “relationship.”" 

Kenya clearly needs a hobby, "I have to admit I’ve watched this episode three times and still want to watch it again. It was the best so far! Be sure to watch us next week as it will be more fun with unexpected revelations and admissions." 

Photos by Bravo TV