Melissa Gorga Feuding With New Real Housewives of New Jersey Stars Amber Marchese, Nicole And Teresa Napolitano!

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After three seasons of the same old, Real Housewives of New Jersey finally has new blood! 

Twins Nicole and Teresa Napolitano have joined the cast. Unfortunately reports say the constant cat fighting lobbed at them by Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga is proving to be too much and they're already ready to quit! 

Go figure that once Teresa and Melissa team up they get unbelievably crazy. This weekend the twins along with their friend (and new Friend of the Housewives) Amber Marchese got into with Melissa during a cast trip to Atlantic City. 


“There is a Old Housewives vs. New Housewives feud boiling — and Melissa won’t let these newbies talk sh– about her or her family,” a source revealed to Radar Online. 

Apparently the issues have boiled down to more she-said vs. she-said drama. “This was a typical manufactured housewives fighting about who said what behind each other’s back,” explained a different source. 

The most upsetting development is that the twins purported friend Amber is turning on them to try and snare her own 15 minutes. What else is new with Jersey?!

Amber wants to make a splash so she fought with the twins and Melissa that weekend," the source claims. "She wants to be an actress, so she’s trying to play it up for the cameras.”

Amber herself confirmed things got very dramatic. 

“What a weekend. Not being in my own element makes for one unhappy women. Just shake it off and go. Helps remind me just how wonderful my family is to me. They don’t hurt me and they never make me cry. Just pure happiness, understanding, and love. I pray for everyone to have their own sanctuary,” Amber wrote on Facebook.

After the story broke Amber deactivated her Facebook page, but she is the owner of Vici Fitness, a mother of four, and a cancer survivor. 

Photos of Nicole, Teresa, and Amber are below!

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The twins! 

nicole-teresa-napolitano-rhonjThe Twins again [Credit: Facebook]

AmberAmber [Credit: Facebook]

amber-marcheseAmber again [Credit: Facebook]