Love & Hip Hop Recap: I Don’t

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Can I just tell you how much I love the fact that Joe Budden proposed to Tahiry Jose on last night's Love & Hip Hop with a wad of gum in his mouth? Throughout his romantic speech, he's just chomping away. He gets down on one knee while Tahiry begs him to stand up…that's not a good sign. Tahiry turns down his proposal. She wonders how he can go from allowing a chick to hang out in her bed to buying a ring, and she can't trust him. The Professor decides that he will wait for her to change her mind. A teary Joe walks away, and Tahiry is comforted by her family. Awkward!

Peter Gunz is hanging out at this local cigar shot an awful lot…maybe he's squatting there. Saigon drops in on him to catch up, and he thinks that Amina Buddafly must be a great wife because she's German. Saigon is a lover of German porn. Peter is surprised to hear that his friend has asked Erica Jean to move in with him. He's ready to finally get to know his baby mama, and what better way than living under the same roof? 


Erica Mena is celebrating Cyn's birthday, which means we get more lesbian love scenes. Cyn seems to have raided Britney Spears' closet circa Toxic. Erica surprises her lady love with a big party, but all Cyn wants for her birthday is Erica's loyalty. Erica explains that she can't cut ties with Rich Dollaz because of her career, but she will keep thinks purely professional. The following day, Erica is shopping with her best friend Albee and filling him in on her life's craziness. She swears up and down that she's over Rich, but Albee doesn't believe it for a second. 

Saigon is trying sweet talk Erica Jean's father in hopes that he'll get his blessing for their proposed living situation. Erica's father reminds Saigon that being in his child's life and being a father are two totally different things. After Saigon shares his intentions, Erica's dad is supportive. He's glad to see Saigon making an effort, but he's going to miss having his grandson at home all the time. Erica Jean's father is absolutely precious!

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Rashidah Ali is hosting a book launch party for Erica's sex book, and Erica is overjoyed when Rich arrives. She was worried he would be a no-show after she shut him down at dinner recently. As the two chat and flirt, Cyn interrupts. Cyn asks Rich to have a conversation with her, and she tells Rich to respect her relationship with Erica. Cyn thinks that things with Rich can be civil going forward, but then a laughing Rich unleashes a verbal barrage on Cyn. He can only be called "corny" so many times before it gets to be an issue. As Erica follows Rich out of the party screaming, he grabs her and starts to kiss her. This isn't okay with Erica or Cyn, and he walks away looking like a tee-total fool. 

After his botched proposal, Joe seeks out the advice of his mother Faye. He's so confused as to what Tahiry wants out of their relationship. He doesn't think that she's giving him the opportunity to prove himself. Joe admits to his mom that he plans to hold onto the ring for a bit…just in case. Meanwhile, Tara Wallace and Yandy Smith are rehashing Tara's date and her blonde ambition moment. Yandy applauds Tara's strength for working to get over Peter, and she promises that Tara will grow into a better person from her struggles. 

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Erica Jean and baby Steven are joining Saigon on a video shoot. He loves having his family on set. Erica has been thinking and she's ready to move in…as long as Saigon can give up his wandering eye. No worries! Saigon would choose seeing his son everyday over weird vagina any day. He's such a keeper! Speaking of moving in, Amina and Peter are looking for a new apartment. Peter freaks out when Amina refers to a room as a great nursery. He's got cold feet, and he feels like he's been jumping from relationship to relationship for the past two decades. Shouldn't he have figured this out before he, oh, I don't know…got married to her? 

Tahiry goes to see Faye, and Faye shares her disappointment that she won't be planning a wedding for Tahiry and her son. Faye wonders if Tahiry will change her mind, but Tahiry shocks Faye (and herself, I think) when she admits that she and Joe are over for good. Rich and Erica's professional relationship is off to a good start, given that Erica is flirtatious and Rich wants to conduct their studio session with her sitting in his lap. Erica wants Rich to be more respectful of her thing with Cyn, but she totally loves the attention. I sure hope these two crazy kids make it! 

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Peter is stalking Tara's apartment so that he can complain about how he no longer has keys. He wonders what was up with her Lil' Kim impression from the club. Now that he sees that Tara is trying to move on, he realizes that he needs to let her go. He apologizes for his actions, and semi takes responsibility for his actions which is a first for Peter!


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