Kenya Moore Believes NeNe Leakes Set Her Up; Calls Apollo Nida “Out Of Control” And A Liar!


I cannot believe I'm saying this but I actually somewhat agree with Kenya Moore – for once! I feel woozy and in need of a drink admitting this… 

In the wake of a diabolical episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya is giving her reaction to the dramatic fight between Apollo Nida and Brandon, but also discussing what went so wrong in her friendship to NeNe Leakes!

Throughout the course of her bravo blogKenya also repeatedly states that she's not a liar, but um… we all know that's not true, but her assessments of NeNe and Apollo are dead on. 

"I considered myself a friend and have always been respectful and supportive of NeNe on and off camera. I ignored all the warnings from the other ladies about how she turns on people she is threatened by or that she feels steals the spotlight from her. However, I give people the benefit of the doubt and had enjoyed becoming friends with her."


Kenya reveals that she believes she was invited simply to be set-up. I can't say I disagree! 

"When I arrived at NeNe’s event, I heard her ranting outside the door for the entire room to hear. Once inside, she was acting so nasty towards me by personally attacking me. She hurled insults my way such as 'you think you are fabulous but you are not, you can go home, etc.' It was clear it wasn’t merely because I was late. She had already set the stage with her pointed inflammatory questions and her obnoxious 'I am the star' attitude. She was out of line and I saw little trace of the sweet NeNe that I had come to love hanging out with. What she hasn’t learned yet is that the higher a monkey climbs, the more it shows its ass."

Kenya also comments on NeNe's hypocrisy for blaming her for the fight escalating. 

"Natalie, Christopher’s common law wife, once again came with a plan. She was embarrassed that I exposed her lies to the world. It was her decision to come into this group and trash Todd’s past but lie about her marital status," Kenya recalls. "Natalie began egging Chris on, prompting him to stand up to address me directly and that was acceptable to NeNe. However, when I stood up and slowly walked across the room to address Natalie, NeNe had a big problem with it."

"When Christopher grabbed my arm, I was outraged. Brandon did exactly what he was supposed to do and that is to protect me. NO MAN SHOULD EVER PUT HIS HANDS ON A WOMAN. For that, he is my hero. He is more of a man than any of the husbands that were in that room. Imagine if a man grabbed the arm of one of their women. It would have been a massive problem. Sadly, the women should have rallied by my side to support me. Due to their own insecurities or alliances, they chose not to." Porsha Stewart did support you, Kray! Don't forget her.

Kenya also feels Apollo is solely responsible for the fight and that he attacked Brandon

"Apollo clearly and without provocation attacked and brutally battered Brandon. The alteration was contained and nonviolent until Apollo charged Brandon and started relentlessly beating him," Kenya states. "When NeNe charged at me and tried to blame me really showed how irrational and manipulative she could be. There is no alternate universe that would hold me accountable for Apollo assaulting Brandon. Apollo is a convicted felon having served 6 years in prison. He is a liar and he is out of control." 

Well, yes – given his recent troubles with the law, I would say Apollo is an out of control liar – and disgusting! 

"To that point, Phaedra [Parks] goes out of her way to slander me by calling me out of my name time and time again maliciously calling me a whore. She crossed a hard line appearing on national TV shows and in interviews saying I offered Apollo fellatio at a fictitious hotel sighting in Los Angeles that never happened. ALL lies," Kenya says. 

"I have never lied on anyone to disrepute or sully their reputation for the sake of revenge," Kenya insists. "Everything I have ever said about anyone, especially Apollo, on this show has been the truth. We all know who and what Apollo really is. Who’s crazy now?" OK – LADY, NO! This is where I have to disagree with you. We BOTH know that's not true and you have made many, many false statements and accusations about several people. Including faking a relationship to Walter Jackson!  

I agree with almost all of Kenya's blog except for this last statement. Yes, Apollo is despicable and Phaedra may be just as bad, but Kenya is a liar as well. 

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