Love & Hip Hop Reunion Recap: Liar, Liar

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Don't fail us Mo'Nique! We've been through enough piddly hosts, so I hope she's able to hold her own with the crazy crew of Love & Hip Hop! Last night was the first half of the reunion, and Mo'Nique started with a long-winded monolog about adventures and riveting stories. Yeah, not so much. Forget about the story lines, lets talk hair! I can't decide if Yandy Smith looks like a fabulous pin-up or if she's been playing in Hugh Hefner's closet. I never thought I'd want Tara Wallace to put back on the blonde wig–I know many will disagree with me, but that pixie cut isn't doing her any favors..not to mention that dress looks like a surfer's rash guard! She's a gorgeous lady, and that hairstyle makes her look mousy. Tahiry Jose's hair looks amazing in the blunt ombre'd bob. Joe Budden is dressed like my best friend's five-year-old on Easter Sunday. 

Okay, now onto the reunion! Yandy reveals that she talks to Mendeecees Harris on the phone about five times a day. Mo'Nique warns that those collect calls can get expensive! Do inmates really get that many phone privileges? We are treated to an Erica Mena/Cyn make-out montage. We get, VH1, they're lesbians! Sure they are. The pair is still together (thanks to Chipotle!) as they are holding hands on the sofa. Rich Dollaz' jealousy is well documented in clips, and he looks just as stupid as I remember. Rich joins the twosome on the sofa, and he tells Mo'Nique that he didn't have any loyalty to Cyn in her relationship with Erica, and he's a self-proclaimed creep. He feels sorry for Cyn because he thinks she's a prop in his back-and-forth with Erica.


Erica is screaming at Rich about all the stuff she's done for him. Mo'Nique reminds the audience that we're watching two star-crossed lovers argue. Cyn may as well not be there. When asked point blank if he's in love with Erica, Rich hedges before responding "yes." Erica wants an answer too, and Cyn wonders why she cares so much. Backstage, a tearful Cyn storms out of Erica's dressing room, and Erica bleeping bleeps that Rich should bleep the bleep out of her life. Y'all want a bleeping reunion? She'll give you a bleeping reunion!

After a wardrobe change, Erica is back on the couch with Rashidah Ali, Nya, Rich, Tahiry, and Professor Budden. Nya gets more screen time in her reunion clip than she did in the entire season! Nya is dressed like Miley Cyrus, and clearly she can't be tamed. Erica won't let Nya get a word in, and Nya comes out swinging. Mo'Nique's foot is a casualty. After things cool off, Nya and Erica seem to be apologizing to each other, but that can't be right…no one on this show ever uses the word "sorry." 

Professor and Tahiry's relationship is highlighted starting with the make-up on the pillowcase. Joe knows he was in the wrong to have a female "friend" in his bed, and Peter Gunz is dying laughing. He's probably happy to see someone in the hot seat besides himself. Joe's failed proposal is revisited, and Tahiry explains that she needed consistency in his good behavior. Joe is using his Jedi mind tricks on Tahiry who is falling for it. She's yelling and crying, and he's as calm and cool as a cucumber. He also reminds Tahiry that he's never had a problem getting women. Joe then shares with Mo'Nique that no one has ever known him like Tahiry, and Yandy is swooning over his love in the front row. This is what she finds to be romantic? Come on, Yandy. I expected more from you!

Tara and Peter join Mo'Nique, and Tara admits that she was shocked to find out that serial cheater Peter hooked up with Amina Buddafly. Tara shares that Peter has only been unfaithful twice, but Peter reveals that he "was crazy with it." Peter reminds viewers that he was engaged when he met Tara, but he convinced her he was on his way out of that relationship. Mo'Nique questions how Tara couldn't have been a little suspicious. Peter pipes in to tell Tara that he convinced Amina they were over just like he had with her and his previous fiance. Tara thinks that Amina should have wondered about Peter's lies when he didn't spend the night with his wife, but Peter smartly (did I just type that?) replies that Tara should have seen through his lies in the same way. She swears up and down to Mo'Nique that she blindly believed Peter's lies. He thinks she knew what was going on but chose to look the other way. I'm going to side with Peter on this one, given the fact she kept sleeping with him after learning he had married someone behind her back!

Peter and Amina perform a song about their relationship. I'll give him it to Amina…she's got quite a voice. Tara is honest about how much the song bothers her, and Peter admits that he wouldn't be thrilled if the situation was reversed. Mo'Nique leaves us with a cliffhanger for next week when she asks Amina if she's worried of becoming Tara in thirteen years…


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