Cedric Martinez Releases Statement Regarding Lisa Vanderpump’s Lies And Deportation Status

Cedric Martinez

After watching tonight's episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Cedric Martinez felt it necessary to reach out and share his side of the Lisa Vanderpump vs. Brandi Glanville drama.  Cedric wants to set the record straight, while slamming Lisa and Ken and the show overall. 

Cedric shares via his rep, "Tonight’s episode shined the spotlight on Lisa and Ken’s habitual lying and viciousness.   It would be easy for me to say “I told you so,” but that’s not my style.  But I do want to clear up the ​nasty deportation ​rumor.  Brandi​ is brutally honest and I love it.  Most of the time she says exactly what everyone else is thinking.   But sometimes she tells little white lies to amp up the drama.  That's where things get complicated.  

Cedric's side of the story: "It all started with the entirely scripted lie that "Me and Cedric are friends from modeling."  The producers concocted the fib to get her on the show.  Brandi, Lisa and I sold it, and the rest is history… Brandi's a star​ and I was kicked to the curb.   At the time I was furious.  I'd just been betrayed and fired because of Lisa's​ vicious lies. I was naïve; expecting Brandi to do the right thing and support me, as I had supported her.  Instead, she dropped me like a hot potato.  In hindsight, I'm O.K. with it because I know Lisa forced Brandi to cut me off." 


Cedric says he was NOT deported, "Now, things are starting to get out of hand ​again.  Brandi cleverly spread the "Lisa had Cedric deported" rumors as the other women were begin​ing to realize how conniving Lisa really is.  It's mildly amusing that whenever they need an interesting story line, they use me.  But, to be clear, I was not deported.  I'm happier than ever, following my dreams, far away from the scripted back-stabbing on which Lisa has built her "brand." " 

He continues to slam Lisa and Ken:  "If lying and betrayal were crimes,Lisa ​and Ken would've been deported long ago.  But ​they​ ​ ​should be careful. I've been told filing false police reports and paying undocumented workers under the table are crimes." 

Cedric finishes up by slamming the entire show, which he apparently watches every single week.  "As this season's ratings prove, RHOBH has lost its way.  It began as an unscripted show with a diverse group of interesting women.  But, before this week, it's been one boring "kid's going away" party and poorly scripted "vacation" episode after another.  To make matters worse, the show is now filled with ridiculous cartoon characters like boring Jolanda and creepy Carlton.  At the same time, Real Housewives Of Atlanta is soaring with real characters and real drama.   I hope RHOBH regains its old magic, soon.  The prod​​ucers can​​ make it happen ​by bringing back interesting characters and real drama.  Ciao, Cedric"


Photo Credit: Wenn.com