Sister Wives Tell All! Season Finale Part Two


Tamron Hall is a saint to moderate the Wives Tell All episode of Sister Wives, but I hate she has to start off immediately asking about the commitment ceremony and that damn mission statement. Of course, Robyn pipes up first with a very canned and rehearsed response. I am so distracted by how much make-up they're all wearing. Has Kody been spray tanning? Is that Botox? It looks like Truely may have done poor Janelle's make-up, and Christine appears to have been styled by Minnie Mouse.

Meri's emotional roller coaster over being an empty nester is revisited. Mariah may be going off to college, but at least she has her wet bar!  Meri admits that she still doesn't know what her role will be in the family. She may want to take a sabbatical to find herself. Robyn is angry…she helped Meri raise Mariah, and she wants the favor returned. Kody's face is going to give me nightmares. Robyn thinks that Meri has so much to give to the remaining kids. Meri likens her loss to if one of Kody's wives died, but Kody reminds her that she still talks to Mariah everyday. She needs to get over it. 


Next, Tamron chronicles Truely's kidney failure. Janelle explains that the other wives took over taking care of Christine's remaining brood while she spent over a week in the hospital, and Christine shares that she never once doubted the behind the scenes support she would get from her sister wives. Tamron calls it the "Sister Wives Code." The women all reveal that if something were to happen to them, they would fully trust their sister wives to raise their children. In fact, they would be fine if their kids chose to go to different mothers within the family. After revisiting his Mother's Day shopping fiasco, the women explain that the hardest lesson to learn is not to compare relationships. Christine admits that all of Kody's mothers-in-law (save for Meri's mom) are a bit skeptical of Kody and his hair. I can't say I blame them.

Footage of Meri's breakdown over the seats at Mariah and Aspyn's graduation is shown, and Tamron compares Meri's behavior to a tantrum. Thank you. Finally someone calls it like they see it. Christine sticks up for Meri, saying she was very emotional about Mariah going off to college. Tamron questions Kody about claiming that Meri always tries to bring Robyn into their drama. Robyn is fine being the peacemaker. I want to laugh when the family starts talking accounts and various finances. They tip-toe around how they decide on who gets a car versus who pays for college. Janelle reminds them that for the next ten years, the family will have a child heading off to college. I am not concerned about how they choose where the money goes, I'm more curious as to where the money comes from in the first place!

The Kody-free wives' road trip to San Francisco is highlighted. Their PDA awkwardness with Kody is revealed. They have a good laugh over Kody's mass texts of "I love yous" to his wives. Janelle tells Tamron that she didn't mean to seem disinterested when her sister wives were talking to Kody on the phone, but she was more trying to disengage and give the others privacy. Once again, Meri makes it about her and how uncomfortable she felt to be traveling with Kody's other wives. Their relationships aren't perfect, and we all know Meri likes perfection. 

Tamron welcomes the teens, and Mariah admits that becoming a sister wife is no longer on the front burner. While she's happy to be back in Utah for college, for now she just wants to focus on being eighteen. Logan teases about policing her since they are both at UNLV. She's always worried she's going to run into her older brother at parties. They joke, but they seem to be very close and enjoy being in college together. Honestly, I'd much rather watch a show that focused on the teens instead of their insufferable dad and multiple moms. They discuss the dating rituals within their religion, and Mariah and Madison reveal that it is kind of insulting that no boys have yet to "ask about them." Logan and Hunter don't plan on taking that traditional route (you go, boys!), and Mykelti has a new boyfriend who isn't used to her plural family. These kids are incredibly grounded and mature…unlike their adult counterparts!

Before closing out the reunion, Tamron brings Kody and his wives back together. The wives feel that things have gotten better within their individual relationships with Kody, except for the fact that Kody is tired of Solomon sharing the bed with him and Robyn. Kody also shares that the family was humbled by the decision striking down the part of the statute in Utah prohibiting cohabitation as it pertained to polygamy. Robyn feels that the family still considers Utah to be their home, but it's not quite safe to go back yet. However, they are so proud of this progress.


[Photo Credit: TLC]