Kyle Richards Explains Why She Didn’t Easily Believe Lisa Vanderpump’s Side Of Tabloid Suitcase Story


Kyle Richards popped by Andy's Clubhouse tonight to dish on the new episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  She touched on her issues with Lisa Vanderpump, her friendship with Brandi Glanville and more! 

On why she didn't believe Lisa the FIRST time she denied telling Brandi to bring the rag mags along, "This came at a time where the women kept bringing up the tabloids over and over and over again and it was a sore subject with my husband and last year Lisa didn't exactly take my word the first time I told her something.  I've never lied to Lisa EVER. Yeah, so I'm being told, and everyone says "Brandi is the truth cannon! She tells the truth! She's so honest!" 


Kyle tries to expand on not buying Lisa's side at the beach, "What happened was we left that day, my husband Mauricio was really upset. Mauricio thought 'If we're hearing this, why would you sit there and be nice?'  I feel like he felt i wasn't defending him as his wife. I signed up for this, he didn't.  It was a sore subject and so we got back to the hotel and he was like "I don't want to be around this crowd anymore. I didn't sign up for this I've walked a straight line my whole life, this is not fair to me." He did feel like I didn't defend him. I felt like i needed to get to the bottom of it.  Here I'm being told Brandi's the truth cannon, I don't know. So I wanted to ask with them both there so I'd have a clear answer.

A caller asks if she thinks Brandi is filled with jealousy this season:  "You know she's made little jokes saying "oh I'm jelly seeing them together."

Andy asks if she feels that tonight's episode was a gang up on Lisa?   "No, honestly I felt like Brandi and Yolanda had their own friendship issues with her.  I went over there not knowing what was going on.  And then they told me.  I did go back and talk to her about it but i can see where it would seem like that but everybody had other issues and you know, we're expected to be honest about our feelings. "

On making Lisa cry: "I don't think it was me who made Lisa cry.  i deserved an answer,   she would've asked me if someone told her that" 

On Brandi's allegations of Lisa and Scheana being friends.  "Next caller! [laughs] to be honest, I'm not privy to that information. i was sitting at the back end of the bus, trying to hear.  I know Brandi felt very betrayed by that but I know Scheana works for Lisa so I don't know.  The whole debate was whether she was at Dancing with the Stars or not and were they really friends.  So I don't know.  i wish I knew." 

For the record, the WWHL poll was "who do you believe: Brandi or Lisa" and 73% of the viewers polled believed Lisa. 

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