The NeNe Leakes vs. Marlo Hampton fallout was always meant to happen. Two ego-driven monsters desperate for fame? Of course they're gonna butt weaves – or possibly toupees depending on who you ask!

After NeNe blasted "Manlo and Krayonce" (thanks for the credit for using my HW moniker, BTW Ms. Leakes), Marlo took to her personal blog to give her side of the story from last week's episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta

"Chinese Proverb: Beware of people throwing shade while wearing bad toupees!" Marlo begins. "I’m doing my best to be the one to take the high road, but these last few weeks have been filled with lots of shade and haterade from people promoting products from Donald Trump’s hair emporium!" Taking the high road apparently means taking to twitter and throwing grenades at NeNe left and right. 

Taking the high road also includes pointing out all the ways NeNe is an inferior, insecure, copycat version of Marlo. "I’ve never claimed to be perfect, flawless or without regrets. Who is? Definitely not the fake bleached blond with the bold ambitions!" Marlo continues. "She talks about my past incarcerations, her past includes pole sliding, lap dancing, lights, cameras and action! Which one of us is worse? Both of us have come a long way since then haven’t we? Good thing we took advantage of 'opportunities.'”


"I’ll never forget where I came from. It’s what keeps me grinding towards a future of bigger and better things. That’s why I became so emotional when confronting the drag queen impersonator," Marlo explains. "When I went to speak to her I genuinely wanted to express my disappointment that I hadn’t been asked to join her team with the other bridesmaids. That really hurt me. But in order to get past it, I wanted to initiate a truce." 

"Sometimes friends have disagreements, and then they forgive and forget. However, when the water was thrown at me, along with the nasty attitude, I wasn’t having it! I didn’t need to kiss her a$$ because she didn’t bring me up. When she met me at my boutique I was already that girl who styled her, (on a budget) for season 2. And at the time, she was on team I.O.U, NOT team Rich!" 

Marlo claims to be responsible for making NeNe into the glamazon that she is – the glamazon who now is developing her own fashion line. I wouldn't want credit for NeNe's fashions, Marlo! "I didn’t become a stylist yesterday. I’ve been a fashion trendsetter since I was mini Marlo and if it wasn’t for me, she’d still be rocking Dots jeans with Payless boots!" 

Marlo insists, "I put her on and stepped her fashion game up. You’re welcomed! Why do you think she hired me to be the creative director for the wedding?" Ummm… for a storyline? "Imitation is the highest form of flattery!" 

Continuing with her diatribe, Marlo says she's allowed to be friends with any reality TV personality she wants to be! "I didn’t sign the friend contract that said I agreed to be anybody’s possession. I guess Kenya, Kim and Sheree didn’t either. If she really believed she was in the spotlight, then why worry about others trying to steal her shine!"

"Truly confident people never waste time or energy worrying about the next person on the come-up. The same way really rich people NEVER speak on their wealth and they definitely don’t silkscreen it in rhinestones across their chest! That’s what 'new money' with no class does because they are faking the funk in the social circles of the well-to-do." Does Marlo know about this from her rich sugardaddies?

"For the record, Ms. Marlo doesn’t wear knockoff designers or faux fur. In other words, I don’t like fake things or fake folks! Ain’t nobody got time for that! Real friends have ups and downs, but if they are 'real,' then nothing and no one will be able to come between them," Marlo writes. "NeNe calls herself a 'loyal' friend? I wonder if any of her other 'ex' friends would agree with her on that. Doubt it! Even some of the friends on 'Team Rich' see her in a different light because now they know her loyalty was a one way street and the only person benefiting from it was her!"

Since she doesn't hold a grudge and all, Marlo offers to still help NeNe out despite their frayed friendship. "I heard she wants nothing else to do with me, but because I’m against toupee abuse, I’m still willing to hook her up with Lawrence, Dawn or Kemya, three of ATL’s top hairstylist so she can free that small furry animal on her head. My people are on speed dial, just holla at ya girl! That’s what friends are for… Bloop!" 

Does Lawrence even have a license to do hair anymore? And furthermore, it's a well-known fact that NeNe has Donald Trump's hairdresser on speed dial. Duh. 

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