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Brandi Glanville stopped by the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse, which is currently relocated to Texas for SXSW.  She dished on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale, the spats with Lisa Vanderpump and more.

Andy: You're getting a lot of shit on Twitter tonight

Brandi – Am I?  Well Twitter can suck it.

Andy announces the poll question (team Lisa or team Brandi) and Brandi snaps "Well I never win and this was like your poll question LAST week, soo… I'm not gonna win".  (And she didn't – she got 33%)

The first question for Brandi is wondering why everyone decided to go against Lisa this season?   "Because she's perfect. No, I'm kidding. I don't think all of the girls decided to go against her. I think we all had separate issues with her. It felt like when one person opened that door, it was like 'okay we can all do it'.  Separately but it is hard to go against her because she is so perfect."


Andy: It seemed like a gang up but it was everybody kind of had their own things.  

Brandi "Right. Who doesn't love a gang bang?"

She then explains why she had the magazines in the first place, "I get them to my house every week. I'm a cougar, it's like chardonnay and magazines – that's my diet."

When Andy asks if she's a cougar she says 'I'm really not, I'm like a sex kitten." 

On her slurry speech in the talking heads this season, "I thought my tongue was swollen, but my jaw fell out. It wasn't anything fun that made that happen. I had mouthguards for daytime. I was extremely stressed out and the discs slipped back and so I had an underbite."  Andy quipped, "So you had big mouth problems."

Another fan asked if Brandi feels she's repeating her relationship with Lisa now with Yolanda? "I do a little bit.  I definitely love to have somebody to look up to. I don't have family in Los Angeles so it's nice to have like a big sister role."

Then an audience member asks Brandi about updating her nail polish from her typical French manicure.  For real. What a waste of a question!  Brandi says "i don't do the French manicure anymore, but the thing is, I have really ugly hands and feet. But i have a super cute ass. So i feel like that balances it out. I have a really short nail bed and can't grow my nails out."  

Then Andy asks a fan question that is "why did you bite the hand that feeds you".  Brandi is confused why the person thinks Lisa "fed" her.  "She didn't feed me.  She was a good friend.  She loaned me a dress one time. And I sat down with Scheana for her multiple times to help her show and I said i will do whatever you like and then I got tired of it. So I think that I fed that bitch."


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