Brandi Glanville Tired Of People Commenting On Her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Behavior!


The battle of Lisa Vanderpump vs. Brandi Glanville will not go away quietly. I guess Bravo will just have to fire one of them! 

In round 3 zillion between the former friends and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars, Lisa continues to speak-out on Brandi's trouble with the truth and Brandi continues to complain that Lisa forced her to interact with Scheana Marie and lied about it. Brandi is so annoyed she wants people to remember this is just a TV show, not her life, like she's been telling us for like years. I guess I'm confused… 

First up, Lisa speaks to OK! Magazine about her co-stars and the pesky tabloid rumors Brandi accused her of! “It had nothing to do with me, this whole scenario is something Brandi created,” Lisa maintains. “It is just like every other false comment Brandi has made about me. Such as, I filed for bankruptcy, I live in the Valley, and that I got Cedric Martinez deported. Just because Brandi says it, doesn’t make it true — and with her, it’s usually the opposite.”


An insider claims Brandi is seething with jealousy concerning all things Lisa. “She was trying to infiltrate Kyle and Lisa’s friendship. Brandi was so jealous of their relationship, she was deliberately trying to ruin it.” Errrr… is that right?

Brandi claims she actually wasn't jealous – just pissed! When someone accused Brandi of being a bad friend to Lisa for 'baiting and bashing' her in Puerto Rico, she tweeted, "@LisaVanderpump are u f–king kidding me?? I sat & had . horrible hurtful convo with my ex's hooker for her show!and more!!"

Brandi continued by denying, as Lisa has claimed, that Bravo was responsible for Brandi's continued interaction with Scheana, "@LisaVanderpump bravo did NOT Lisa is executive producer on her show I asked Lisa no more Scheena pls & she didn't stop" Yeah, sorry – we all know who steers the reigns on these shows, and even if Lisa is a 'title-holding' EVP, she's not in charge.

Moving on, Brandi just wants all of us to remember this is like for TV. Thus negating everything she said above. 


Errrr… girl BYE because this is your job. A job you wanted desperately enough to LIE to get on this show and a job that saved you from being broke. Why don't YOU calm the eff down on twitter and everywhere else and do something good in the world. 

Despite tonight being the RHOBH season finale, I doubt this will be the last we hear of this nonsense! And tonight the ladies take turns bickering with Lisa at some random Chamber of Commerce party, not to be confused with Chamber of Conflict. 

A video preview of the episode is below. 

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