Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Star Yolanda Foster Insists She’s Not Jealous Of Lisa Vanderpump

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 4 finale has come and gone – and some of us are still waiting for Lisa Vanderpump to turn evil. Is she 100% innocent? No. But, evil? NO. Are Lisa's co-stars jealous of her success and/or popularity? I say, probably so, but Yolanda Foster insists otherwise. Yo maintains that she's not jealous of Lisa – and she takes serious issue with her portraying herself as a victim.

Shhhh… dim the lights… cue the dramatic music… Yolanda's blogging.

Yolanda thanks fans for their support and wants us to know that she welcomes our thoughts and feedback. BUT she points out that our view is "informed by only seeing the finished episodes." 


"This means that you don't see or even know about events that aren't shown, let alone all of the exchanges and interactions that take place beyond when we are around each other," explains Yolanda. "I'm not complaining; we all know that it's necessary in making a show. But naturally, it can be difficult for you to understand, and for me to explain the complete context and story of what has happened. This is especially true now."

Yolanda adds that she approaches our criticism objectively and respectfully. BUT she points out that she's "not in control of the story that's ultimately told." 


Moving on, Yolanda focuses on Lisa, "She turned an opportunity for friendship to grow and thrive into a much bigger issue. I'm not speaking about what some audience members think was 'ganging up' on Lisa. I'm telling you my own personal truth: I simply wanted to have a heart-to-heart conversation with a friend who wouldn't even validate my feelings. And others had the same experience with her. And now, our friendship has suffered for it."


Yolanda insists Lisa didn't "actively participate" in their friendship. "I have been in and out of nine different hospitals and clinics in the past year-and-a-half, trying to find a cure for a disease that's been incredibly debilitating. She only visited me once while I was bedridden for nine months. She showed up in the middle of the day to see David get his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but yet didn't bother to come to see me be sworn in as a U.S. citizen, a major life moment for me."

Yolanda calls Lisa a "Hollywood friend" because she 1) didn't put enough effort into their friendship and 2) dismissed her feelings. "This doesn't make her any less fabulous or fun, it just changes our relationship." 

Yolanda claims she told Lisa how she felt in Puerto Rico – and Lisa promised to change. "Lisa clearly understood my feelings, and said she was overwhelmed with too big of a workload and too little time left for friendships and family. She promised to make a greater effort in the future. Alas, the future ended right there and then, as she decided after the dinner that we were ganging up against her as a group rather than individuals with separate and specific issues that at least should be heard out of respect."

Yolanda continues, "I understand that even if the issues are separate (and in most cases, addressable), she had a hard time dealing with them at once. I do have a problem, though, that as of today, she has chosen to escalate the issues by portraying herself as the victim of a bunch of women that are supposedly jealous of her." 

Is Yolanda jealous of Lisa? Are lemons yellow? "With absolute respect for who Lisa is and the life she's created for herself, I can say that there's nothing Lisa has or is that I'm jealous of, except for maybe her health. I don't mean this to be arrogant and dismissive. In fact, just the opposite. I'm not in competition with Lisa, or anyone, but the claim that we're jealous of her gives an insight into her mindset. I'm just trying to live the best version I can of my life." 

Shhhh…. Yolanda's still blogging. 

Everything always comes back to Yolanda's battle with Lyme Disease. "Imagine my frustration that Lisa didn't see fit – as a supposedly close friend – to hear me out that I felt that she wasn't there for me during my struggle, and now is perpetuating the idea that I'm using my illness as an excuse. Lisa's lack of empathy for my daily battle is very sad, and I can only hope that she or her loved ones will never be struck with the nightmare of living with a chronic disease." 

Yolanda adds, "Even though I struggle with severe diminished brain function, I take 100 percent responsibility for every word that comes out of my mouth and gladly admit to my mistakes. Again, I'm far from perfect, but I do listen and learn. It would be nice if Lisa could too."

According to Yo, friendships were at a standstill because Lisa was hung up on playing victim, and she was determined to make it right and move things forward at the final party. "Friendship is ultimately strengthened by the incidents that test it, so I thought Lisa and I could have a quick conversation, and based on the positive conversation we had in front of the restaurant in Puerto Rico, have a hug and be done with the nonsense. So, then imagine my surprise when Lisa really wouldn't talk to me, and instead Ken treated me with what amounted to hostility." 

Yolanda continues, "I will never let someone minimize me, suppress me, or intimidate me – no matter who you are and no matter my diminished condition. I have never in my life let a man disrespect me, verbally or physically, and that will never change. A man should never minimize or suppress a woman's opinion by talking over her, calling her stupid, or grabbing her in any way, shape, or form to dominate or control any situation. That behavior is disrespectful and unacceptable. Once again, a three-minute glimpse doesn't tell anywhere near the whole story." 

"Let me be completely clear: I'm not claiming Ken was physically abusive. I'm stating that he was very rude in intimidating me in a rude, unnecessary way that shouldn't be tolerated. I can understand if he wanted to help his wife navigate a difficult situation (even though he helped create this situation back in Puerto Rico); but he was less than a gentleman … It saddens me that Lisa would allow her husband to treat another woman that way. It saddened me that someone who supposedly loves my children and is a family friend would not pick up the phone the next day and apologize for her husband's behavior."

Yolanda accuses Lisa of living in denial. "Again, at a certain point, at least my feelings need to be acknowledged. What makes it even worse is that Lisa then would minimize her husband's behavior by making it seem like I was making a big deal out of nothing — once again to discredit someone (a friend) who was upset. I guess the truth hurts, and denial is how some people chose to live their lives. True friendships cannot possibly survive every disagreement with a simple 'Oh please, just let it go.'"

Moving on, Yolanda denies rumors of marital discord, "I am happy to share with you that my husband and I are great and still going strong after eight years of a beautiful love story. Yes, we are selling our home, not because we are getting a divorce, but rather due to the fact that my health does not allow me to waste energy on running a big home. I need to stay focused on my recovery. Yes, I know you are sick and tired of hearing about my chronic illness, but by the way — SO AM I!"

Shhhh…. David's packing his lemon scented bags.

Finally, Yolanda concludes, "It's been a challenging year for all seven of us, and judging by your comments, it seems like it has been for all of you viewers as well." I'm not sure challenging is the adjective I'd use, more like mind-numbingly exhausting. "When I tell you the reunion covers a lot of ground in a satisfying way, I'm not just plugging it. If you're invested in this season, please stick around to see us discuss what happened and attempt to forge a path to move forward."


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