Ramona Singer And Bethenny Frankel Reunite; Viewers Want Bethenny Back On RHONY

Bethenny, Ramona, Andy

Party in the clubhouse!  Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer reunited on Watch What Happens Live tonight and they took a trip down Real Housewives of New York memory lane – and it was fun!  The ladies dished on their seasons together, Bethenny talked about her canceled talk show, and both ladies talk divorce.

Things kick off with Andy referring to tonight's episode where Sonja Morgan mentions it takes 35 people to run "team Sonja".  Ramona says "Sonja doesn't always know what she's talking about. She just kind of rambles on about things that don't make sense sometimes. It means she probably has 35 interns in one year."  Andy asks if the interns really crash at Sonja's house and Ramona says they do.  Bethenny adds, "she likes to talk about the lavishness or the elaborateness of her life."


Andy brings up that Carole Radziwill Tweeted to Ramona tonight, "You're a business woman, do you think that slandering my career is not a big deal? It is a big deal."  Ramona says, "That was a very difficult situation.  I don't think Aviva meant to slander. I think Aviva heard something, thought something was said about something and it just got into this big thing." 

Bethenny: "Carole got really worked up and I texted you (Andy), she got more worked up than usual.  She definitely got lit up." 

Ramona says "She was screaming so much, I didn't even want to go near there."  Andy says "you kind of instigated the whole thing".   Ramona: "No I did not. Instead of me confronting everyone, I said 'you know what, this is the information I have, maybe you should deal with it.  Usually I try to take control and calm down everyone's problems but this is a new Ramona. Let her know about the situation and let her handle it. "

Andy asks the ladies about their divorce statuses. Ramona will only say she's okay and taking her life day by day.  Bethenny says it's been 15 months, but she doesn't want to discuss it out of courtesy to Bryn.  She says that she is dating and she's good and feeling liberation. And not feeling so bad anymore. "It's been a really, really hard time."  Andy asks if they're still living under the same roof.  She says "let's just say it's been an insane, crazy, surreal situation.  Let's just put it that way.  And i don't want to say because of Bryn.  I'm happy but i haven't totally come out the other side yet." 

Andy brings up her talk show cancelation and mentions that she seemed relieved in the letter to the fans.  "I enjoyed it.  There are parts of it i really loved. You don't know what it's going to be like until you do it.  We've been taping two shows a day and it's very structured and it's everywhere in the country and it's not cable." 

Andy asks if she had to be a different version of herself for that audience. Bethenny says, "I felt edited and diluted and a little bit controlled and I'm not really great when I'm shackled, as you know. I kind of need to unleash the beast. I wanted it to get renewed because of how many people are invested in it.  I took pride in it and I do love doing it and doing the business segments and talking to women, but ultimately it's not really what I should be doing.  I didn't love it the way that i thought that i would." 

A caller asks if the ladies see Jill ZarinBethenny says it's been years and Ramona says if she does she pretends she doesn't see her. 

Bethenny says none of the fights on the show make her still mad to think about now. Some of them make her happy – she loves the classic ones. 

Ramona has no regrets from her six season on the show.  'I find it a growing experience every year. i get more and more out of it because I put more and more into it and I enjoy it."

Andy notes that Ramona looks better than ever – she says she's eating really healthy and working out. When he asks about fillers she says she does about every six months, but that's it. No facelifts, etc.

The poll asked which former RHONY Housewife viewers wanted to see back on the show: Bethenny 51%, Jill 36%, Alex 8%, Kelly 4% and Cindy 1%. 


Photo Credit: Twitter