Jacqueline Laurita returning to Real Housewives of New Jersey for season 6?  According to daughter Ashlee Holmes' new blog post, yes! 

Jacqueline was reportedly done and over the craziness of the show after five long drama-filled seasons, but it looks like that isn't so!  We heard reports of film crews at her home, but many assumed she was possibly filming bits for Caroline's spinoff show or another project of her own.  But Ashlee seems to confirm that Jacs will be on the show. 

Ashlee started her own blog and in her debut post she shared some things about herself.  #8 read "My Mom was/is one of Bravo's The Real Housewives Of New Jersey. Seasons 1-6." 

I'm hoping it's true.  At the end of season 5, I wanted Bravo to recast this mess and move on from the dark family drama.  That was before I had time to recover and really process what a season without the "regulars" would be like.  I'd truly miss Jacs and watching Caroline's spinoff clip this week made me miss her already.  I think Jersey is going to have a new feel this season and it might make us long for the "originals". 

Do you think it was a mistake on Ashlee's part? Maybe she got the season numbers mixed up?  Or maybe Jacqueline is coming back just as a "friend" on a part time basis – like LuAnn did on RHONY.  This way she's free to take care of her kids, but will still get some screen time?  It's hard to say since Bravo loves to play the casting rumor games until the very end. 


P.S. Can we discuss how the book title "Drinking & Tweeting" totally belonged to Jacqueline first?

Photo Credit: Instagram