Did Jacqueline Laurita Admit She Was Fired From Real Housewives Of New Jersey? Blames The Show For Family Problems!


Even though this season of Real Housewives of New Jersey is still not over rumors concerning the next season's cast are already relentless! The most exciting rumor currently circulating is that Dina Manzo may be rejoining the show. Unfortunately there's a little snafu in the way: Jacqueline Laurita. You know that sister-in-law Dina doesn't actually speak to anymore. Oopsie!

Well no problem, because Dina can just get her fired! 1-800-Andy-Cohen. Or not. Yesterday Dina denied that she was trying to get people she no longer speaks to fired. Thank goodness because no one wants ANOTHER season of family drama, do they?! Same story + different players = no bueno. Anyway, now Jacqueline is confronting the rumors on twitter – where else!

"I don't think Dina is trying to get me fired but I know she doesn't want to come on the show with me on it.Probably to avoid any conflict," Jacqueline begins. Interesting that Jacqueline seems to admit both that Dina IS joining the show and that she is in fact LEAVING the show! #Drinking&Tweeting


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Also interesting: now that Jacqueline is likely departing she's admitting the show caused problems with her family! Now what was she saying about Teresa Giudice needing to let that go again? 

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 4.50.44 PMYes, hopefully! Let's just hope that unlike the Gorgadices they keep their family feuding and producer-orchestrated faux-rekindling off the show. 

Continuing to discuss her possible return is Dina, of course! She's still denying it, claiming she's deciding what direction to take her career. She's also launching a party planning book which is just the most perfect thing to promote tirelessly on RHONJ. Didn't she have a failed show about party planning on HGTV already?

In an extended twitter discourse with Tom Murro (have these people heard of a PHONE), Dina openly commented on what's happening with her reality TV future. 

"All news is not based on false drama. Shocking right? ; )," Dina remarked when prodded about her next projects. 

"your enemies are closer than you think," Tom hinted. To which Dina replied, "yes & I'm well aware who my enemies are. I send them love : ) I hate no one and wish them nothing but success"

"So, none of what they say is true? You would share scenes with @JacLaurita then?" Tom asked. "cut it out~they make decisions on returning cast members BEFORE they cast new season," Dina replied.

When directly asked if she is coming back, Dina answered: "well that part you'll just have to wait & see. I don't know move I'm making next workin on it all now."

My two cents (worth about 1 cent): Dina IS coming back and Jacqueline is not. Why? Viewers love Dina, who now has a new storyline. Lexi, her daughter, is 18 and can appear on the show. Plus, Dina is divorcing Tommy, Caroline's brother-in-law. Furthermore Teresa needs a friend on the show – especially if they want to highlight all the indictment stuff because she needs someone who viewers truly believe is a close pal to discuss it with/fall apart with. Teresa is so going to get the sympathy edit this season. A softer new Tre! 

Also, I don't think Dina got Jacqueline fired. I think the show needs to go in a different direction and Jacqueline is light on storyline plus dealing with a lot of family stuff. And with Caroline leaving it's the perfect opportunity to scoot her out the door, bring Dina back, and then bring in 1 or 2 new ladies. 

So there you have it! Frankly, I don't care what happens – I just want the upcoming season to really and truly be less toxic! Bring back the Jersey we love

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