Tamra Barney Vicki Gunvalson Wine By Wives

Part of last season's Real Housewives of Orange County storyline for Tamra Barney and Vicki Gunvalson revolved around their wine club "Wines by Wives".  Bravo is playing a marathon of reruns today and it must have sparked some conversation about the company because Vicki shared this afternoon that she's no longer a part of it.  And was shocked to find her photos on the site.

If you'll recall, Vicki and Tamra argued last season about who wasn't pulling their weight with the company (which launched in May 2012).  Vicki posted to Facebook this afternoon, "Wines by Wives customers: Some time ago Vicki ended her affiliation with WbW — and was surprised her image/presence was still on their site. Vicki was shocked/dismayed to hear followers were having trouble with their orders. Vicki reached out directly to the owner of WbW and asked for immediate resolution. Thanks to all of you who brought this to our attention. -The Vicki Team-" 

If you go to the WbW site, they have several photos of Vicki, but they have removed her from the "who do you want to drink with" page.  Still featured? Kathy Wakile, Tamra Barney, Adriana de Moura and others.

I'm more interested in the accusation about trouble with orders…. That doesn't sound good.   Their Twitter account has been silent since September 4th, 2013. And their Facebook page is dead, too.  There were a few comments about orders not being received and customers having trouble reaching anyone at the company.  One commenter shared, "I ordered from Wines by Wives over three months ago. I initially ordered Too Good to Throw, which after I called several times I was told was out of stock. I spoke to a representative and had my order changed to the Wine by Wives label white wine. This was over two months ago. I've left several voicemails on the wines by wives answering machine and today when I tried to call the mailbox was full.. This is ridiculous!! I want my wine or at the very least my 30 dollars back."

It's these type of stories that keep fans from jumping in and trying the differing Housewives' products and offerings…  We reached out to a few of the ladies to see if they're still working with the company. 

But, Vicki isn't letting the wine situation (or the vodka deal) get her down, she is moving on to bigger and better things…diamonds!  Vicki announced on her Facebook page that she's launching Diamonds by Vicki.  It officially opens in a few days, but if you hurry you can sign up for special updates. 

So, if you weren't content getting screwed out of $30 worth of wine, take a gamble on diamond jewelry instead?  It's not that it's Vicki's fault this wine company possibly went belly up, but it still taints the excitement any fan might have had about their new ventures/products. 



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