Vicki Gunvalson Reacts To Tamra Barney’s Claims That She Is Neglecting Wines By Wives!

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On this week's episode of Real Housewives of Orange County there was some serious cutting to the core by a certain owner of C.U.T Fitness. 

Tamra Barney accused Vicki 'Work Work Work' Gunvalson of not doing her *gasp* job when it came to their joint venture Wines by Wives. In the episode Tamra presented the portrait of a hardworking and devoted employee while Vicki pretty much ignored her responsibilities to focus on her solo projects. 

Vicki is so not taking this laying down. Only one person walks all over Vicki – and is names rhymes with Crooks Scares! Vicki is speaking out in her Bravo blog about their disastrous "work" trip to Malibu and defending herself. And it comes as no surprise that she is putting Tamra on blast! 


Vicki says Tamra knew she had other scheduling conflicts for that same week but she tried to accommodate everyone. 

"When Tamra asked me if that weekend I was free to go to Malibu on a wine tasting trip, I told her I would just be flying in from Atlanta. I said the girls would have to pick me up at LAX and that I had a commitment on Sunday night with my staff at a dinner/play."

"I was not 'up' to going to Malibu, as I had pretty much decided not to continue to do any appearances or events with Tamra due to our ongoing friendship issues," Vicki explains. 

Vicki opted to go after discussing things with their other business partner. 

"Chris, our business partner, [seen in last week’s episode] felt it was important for me to go so I did. Hindsight, I probably should have stayed back. I told Chris about my concerns of being around Tamra because of our unresolved issues, and he assured me she would be fine and it was strictly business and there would be no conflict."

Furthermore, it wasn't really a 'work' trip for Vicki! "Since I had already picked out my wines for the next six months, I had a lack of interest in even being there as my job had already been done," Vicki reveals. "I wanted to go and support Tamra choosing her wines, but truthfully I think she was more into drinking the wines than she was really picking out a wine of the month for our club." 

Considering Tamra "knew perfectly well a month prior" about Vicki's other commitments, Vicki was all the more shocked when she chased her down and called her the b-word!

"When she came out after me and called me 'bitch'. . .I was like "REALLY!?! You're going to go there now and act this way in front of all these people? It was so embarrassing for me as it wasn't necessary for her to get upset. My wines had already been chosen, and her and Eddie were and smoochy woochy with Gretchen [Rossi] and Slade, which meant there was no reason for me to be there anymore anyways. Work was done — and they were just playing and drinking together when I decided to leave."

VIcki also clarifies that managing her own vodka line is not a conflict of interests in anyway!

"When Tamra referenced the difference between Vicki’s Vodka (that we will be launching soon) and Wines by Wives and how I was more involved in my vodka –- that was just ridiculous. Tamra knows very well that I am involved in WBW as much as she is."

"When she asked me about putting Wines by Wives in Vegas I knew she was just trying to cause a fight. One has nothing to do with the other. The WBW is a monthly club membership; it is not a retail wine, so how the heck could she think I can put it in casinos/restaurants like I could with my own vodka brand?"

"It’s a joke how she tried to throw me under the bus without even knowing what she was saying. One is a wine membership and one is a consumable vodka brand. Geesh. It's frustrating to always try and explain and pick up the pieces after she speaks."

Vicki also dissects the rest of the trip, including Gretchen's comments about her and Heather [Dubrow]'s issues with Terry

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