Tamra Barney’s Ex-Husband Simon Barney Accuses Her Of Child Abuse And Neglect!

Tamra Barney in Hawaii with daughter Sophia

Although Tamra Barney and her ex-husband Simon Barney are legally divorced, their custody dispute over their three minor children is on-going. 

Last year the two met in court to argue over whether or not Tamra could feature her kiddos on Real Housewives of Orange County, something Simon was adamantly against. Now Simon and Tamra are back in court as Tamra faces allegations of neglect! In court documents filed March 28th and obtained by Radar Online, Simon makes shocking accusations against Tamra – including that she let son Spencer's broken thumb go untreated for days while he was in her care. 

Tamra and Simon share joint custody of children Sidney, 15, Spencer, 13, and Sophia, 8. 


“Respondent [Tamra], especially, in recent times, has been very neglectful in her care for the children,” Simon's Memorandum of Points and Authorities document reads. “This has resulted in the children not getting prompt medical care, nutritional meals, hygienic care, and deterioration in their school work and attendance.”

Simon alleges that while Spencer was at Tamra's on March 7th he jammed his thumb and Tamra insisted it was fine so she did not take Spencer to the doctor. Days later when he returned to Simon's, Spencer was taken to urgent care "a full five days after the injury had occurred." There Simon learned Spencer's thumb was actually broken.

Another allegation is that Tamra neglected to bathe daughter Sophia while she was ill resulting in bugs in her hair. Simon released texts to the court that show the ex-spouses arguing over Sophia's hygiene while in Tamra's care. “You haven’t washed Sophia hair in 3 days,” Simon stated. Tamra responded, “She had a bath yesterday and was too weak. It’s not a big deal.” Simon then sent a photo of bugs in Sophia's "matted hair" and asked, “This is not a big deal?”

Tamra defended herself by explaining Sophia had been ill and in bed the entire time she was at her house. Simon claims, despite Sophia's illness (including "throwing up every hour"), he still got her in the shower. A month later in April the exes were still arguing about improper cleanliness. 

“When Sophia came to my house yesterday she smelled really bad. I asked her and she said she had taken a shower since she was at my house. Her hair was so dirty that it smelled sour and we found a bug in it,” Simon texted Tamra on May 30, 2013. Tamra lashed back with, "Shut up! She was here 1day … Leave me alone!!! Did you ever think she ran around at school and was sweating??”

Simon has kept record of conversations related to hygiene dating from 2011. He informed the court there have been multiple occurrences of this issue. One such issue, according to Simon, is that Sophia returned from Tamra's “wearing the same underwear she had been wearing when she was dropped off by Petitioner days earlier.” Um… she's how old?

Simon also questions what Tamra feeds the children when they are in her care. He claims, "There is rarely any food in the home for the children to eat, as Respondent’s general practice is to eat out.” Simon is also convinced that as a result of Tamra's lack of care the children are "often sick." 

Simon is seeking to strip Tamra of all custody of their children and a hearing is set for April 24, 2014. Tamra says Simon is "controlling". 

Even worse, Tamra's relationship with eldest daughter Sidney is in rough shape. Simon revealed Sidney asked to move out last October and has been living with him ever since. 

As a result of Sidney's decision to leave Tamra's, the mother and daughter have been fighting over text message! The distressing text messages, which feature Tamra cussing in texts to Sidney, were released to the court as part of Simon's declaration to the court over custody concerns. 

“I walk on egg shell around you and don’t know what to say or do cuz you act like you don’t like me,” Tamra wrote in February. 

“You don’t try!!! And I’m starting to not care anymore!!! I gave you life and went through a horrible life change (divorce) and all you care about is yourself," an additional text from Tamra reads. "My pain has been deep for years and trying to make sure you kids are okay on top of that is not easy. If you don’t like me for trying my best and you want to judge me …than have at it!!! I will always love you and when you figure out that you need your mother you know where to find me.”

Sidney's reply, "I don’t. I am worried about the kids. You seem fine. Your the one acting selfish.” Adding, “I can’t talk to you cuz I can’t trust you… Cuz u break promises.”

The arguing escalates with Tamra and Sidney lobbing accusations at each other.  “I never said I have it rough. Or that you were a bad mother. I’m not the victim you have been acting like the victim this whole time," Sidney fires back. “That’s so not true. I’m a victim. That is laughable. You treat me like sh*t. My parents would have smacked the sh*t out of me if I acted like that,” Tamra responds. “All I know is Spencer and Sophia are so much closer to me now that your gone. Maybe it’s not all me?”

Sophia suggests they get counseling. 

In response to Simon's petition and all the drama being released to the media, both Tamra and her husband Eddie Judge have spoken out through twitter. Tamra told Radar that Simon's claims are “all bullsh*t and very hurtful.” Adding, “Truth will come out soon. Way to hurt the kids Simon!”


"Blows my mind how the ex just can't move on after four years! Give it up and move on… Get a life already! Looser," Eddie snapped. He also insinuated that Simon is broke and using the kids! BTW: Tamra and Eddie recently returned from a vacation in Hawaii with Spencer and Sophiaeddie-tweet-simonYowzers – this is quite a mess and I'm not sure what to think. 

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