Sundy Carter Tells Her Side Of Basketball Wives: LA Reunion Craziness And Twitter Feud With Erica Mena

Basketball Wives L.A. Jackie Sundy

It's the battle of the VH1 reality stars! Not only are they feuding on their individual shows, two from different shows are now battling it out on Twitter. I'm sure that Mona Scott Young is laughing all the way to the bank these days!

Both Basketball Wives: LA and Love & Hip Hop have participants who recognize that drama is key to staying relevant. The more fighting and upheaval the better! BBW: LA's newbie Sundy Carter is learning quickly how things work. Not only was there a brawl at the season three reunion, but now Sundy is facing off with Erica Mena on social media. Yup, sounds about right!


In a recent interview with The Jasmine Brand, Sundy addresses rumors that a mini-free-for-all erupted among the audience and cast. While most of the footage from that part of the reunion didn't air, Sundy admits that things went down between her and Brandi Maxiell. She explains, "I was actually in the middle of an apology and I guess again, she didn’t feel as though my apology wasn’t sincere enough and we got into a heated argument once again and it just kinda took me back to Paris, like ‘Here you go again’."

Sundy adds, "It was unfortunate, but I just felt like Brandi was being a bully at that point. I felt like, not here, not today. I felt like we were kinda outnumbered, everybody that was there was Malaysia [Pargo]’s family, like the entire audience. Minus the little section that we had it was just Compton so that’s why everybody rushed the stage."

The following day, Erica lashed out at Sundy on Twitter, writing, "The crazy Real One has spoken. Again I'm not perfect but Never would I go as far as bringin a innocent child or a health issue just to hurt," adding, "You don't have to be fond of someone but to use your energy to be cruel & evil just because is sickening. I'm not perfect but I don't hate..Miserable people are LAME!  Pray for them!"

After reading Erica's tweets, Sundy tells the site, "I just kinda woke up to a tweet, a random tweet at that and was just a little taken aback and I just felt like after the reunion, I was maybe in a vulnerable state to even respond to the nonsense, but I did . So, Erica who? Goodnight, Bye."


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