Saigon Won’t Be Returning To Love & Hip Hop, Will Appear On Fix My Life On May 10th!

saigon ilyana

A rapper being ashamed of how he was portrayed on Love & Hip Hop? Is that even a real thing? Most of the guys on the show end up looking like total cheating, violent d-bags, but they keep coming back for more, season after season. Not so for Saigon after his first–and reportedly last–go-round on the show.

As y'all recall, Saigon's story line ran the gamut from screaming at his child's mother and accusing her not being a good parent to seeking couples counseling to be a better communicator and father. Of course, that all backfired at the reunion amid his cussing and disrespect towards Erica Jean. The pair will be appearing on an upcoming episode of Iyanla Vanzant's Fix My Life, but that's the extent of Saigon's budding reality career. He doesn't like his edit from his inaugural season, and he won't be returning. Are we to assume that he takes the slightest bit of responsibility for his behavior or that it was all Mona Scott Young's fault? 


Saigon posted the above-picture with the celebrity life-changer on his Instagram, writing, "Everybody keeps asking me if I'm doing Love and Hip Hop again…My answer is Emphatically 14 15…That is the 14th and 15th letters of the Alphabet." Oh my goodness. I love that, and I will totally be using it in the future.

The rapper never mentions Mona, but he continues, "When Ur agenda is to make me look crazy, I want no parts of it. Besides, I'm a REAL label owner now. BUT, on May 10th I want everyone to check out Iyanla Fix My Life.. This will give everyone some INSIGHT into who I really am and who that girl really is cause Love and Hip Hop didn't at ALL.. Anyway. It was fun but HELL NO.. I'm on to bigger and better sh*t. #HipHopMyWay"

​So, Saigon won't be back for more L&HH insanity.  Will I miss him? N-O (just a reminder that those letters are the 14th and the 15th letters of the alphabet)!


[Photo Credit: Instagram]