Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: Happy Father’s Day!

lhh atl scrappy

I'm curious…do you think VH1 and Mona Scott Young really, truly believe that viewers think Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is a reality show? The acting is fantastically tragic and there is nothing real about it…except for that sex tape, clearly.

Nikko didn't tell Mimi Faust about his confrontation with Stevie J. immediately after it happened, but he spills the beans when they are driving the next day. When she learns that Nikko has told her ex about the deal Vivid, she has to pull over to read Nikko the riot act.  She is cruising in her new vehicle (thanks, Steven Hirsch!), and Mimi doesn't want to wreck it when she wrecks him. As she cusses up a storm, Nikko just laughs that Stevie shouldn't get her riled up like this. Mimi tries to kick him out of her ride, but when he refuses, she's the one who storms off on foot.

Lil' Scrappy is eating eggs with Erica P…or at least he hopes to be scrambling some things with her. He arrives at her house to find out that she's lit candles and served wine, and he wonders whether he's there to pray or have sex. Scrappy is a bit nervous, but he wants to be a better person. He is feeling guilty about Bambi and he wants to think with this head and not his hiz-ead. Scrappy shuts down Erica's advances, complimenting her that he'd definitely be with her if he didn't already have Bambi. And they say romance is dead!


Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez are displaying their Versace china, and he reveals that Mimi and Nikko have made a sex tape. Joseline can't hear this nonsense. First she's a maid and then she's a porn star? Joseline's main concern is that Mimi is too old for such shenanigans. Admiring their dishes, Stevie suggests they host a dinner party for Benzino and his new lady friend. Joseline is not on board with this idea. She can't stand the idea of "thirsty bishes" using 'Zino to get to her man. Is that a thing that actually happens? Plus, she knows the friends like to share. Ew.

Erica Dixon and her new man O'Shea are double dating with Karlie Redd and Yung Joc. O'Shea is a model who doesn't drink or smoke. If you didn't know he was a model, you can read it on his hat. Karlie hopes that O'Shea will prompt Joc to hit the gym. O'Shea impresses Karlie and Joc by picking up the tab…with Erica's credit card. Apparently it happens a lot. Meanwhile, Rasheeda Frost is hoping that working out will help her battle the depression she's facing. When she arrives home, Kirk nags her about being at the gym for so long. She's been thinking about music and needs to get back in the studio to make some money for the family. Kirk wants her to spend more time with Karter, and he gets upset when Rasheeda recommends that her mom baby-sit. What if her mom has given her husband fellatio and then tries to kiss the baby on the mouth? Really, Kirk? 

lhh atl oshea erica dixon

Speaking of babies, Bambi is late and she has a gut feeling that she's carrying an even Lil'ler Scrappy. Scrappy and Kirk are meeting at the strip club, and he admits that he never believed the rumors that Karter could be Scrappy's baby. However, he shares with his friend that he is having a paternity test done in case he belongs to some other dude. Scrappy thinks that Kirk is crazy–he knows that Rasheeda would never cheat on her husband, but if Kirk needs to think that to feel better about his infidelities, so be it!  Scrappy tells his friend that Bambi is pregnant, and Kirk recalls meeting her at Benzino's cabin last year when he has his infamous three-way. Scrappy is relieved to hear that Bambi didn't partake.

On a coffee date with Karlie, Joc is giving more attention to the waitress than to Karlie. Good gracious, Karlie is a terrible actress! As they discuss their upcoming plans for a new house, she's upset to learn that Joc's "friend" Kadea is also his realtor…and his driver, and some chick that helps out at his video shoots. Karlie does crazy jealous well, but she'll be fine when she can keep Joc on a tighter leash. Also in a new home is Mimi because daughter Eva has been in awe of her daddy's new White House. Mimi needs to keep up with the Jordans! She's meeting with Stevie J. and he begins threatening her custody arrangement. He wonders if Mimi has even considered the idea that Nikko could have leaked the tape himself. Never!

lhh atl momma dee scrappy

Even though Momma Dee can't stand The Bambi, she's excited about a new grandchild, er, I mean, the Royal Heir to her Palace. She has a list of things that The Bambi needs to do to have a healthy pregnancy. Dee plans to call The Bambi daily to make sure she's taking her iron supplements and using her cocoa butter to ward of stretch marks. Scrappy just keeps asking if Momma has taken her bipolar medication. I wonder how they already know of The Bambi's baby given that just two minutes ago she was buying a stick to pee on. Meanwhile, Joseline are Stevie are hosting Benzino and the love of his life who he recently met on Twitter. She's a realtor who has a lot of money from a former deal with Def Jam who buys No-Neck diamonds and likes to eat food out of his mouth. It's a match made in heaven. Over dinner, the friends come up with the brilliant plan to open Sleazy and 'Zino's Bistro and Bar…sure they did.

At another strip club, Kirk is freaking out about opening Karter's paternity test. Bezino opens the results for his friend, and it's 99.997% confirmed that he's the father. Kirk is thrilled, and it restores his faith in Rasheeda. He wants to work on his marriage now…until he notices how hot their waitress is. Kirck can't wait to get home and shove the paternity test in Rasheeda's mom's face, but Benzino is the voice of reason. He won't allow Kirk to disrespect Rasheeda by letting her know that he performed a paternity test. One flick of 'Zino's cigar, and the test goes up in flames.

lhh atl benzino

Karlie is in the studio with a hot, young rapper, and neither of them can keep their hands to themselves. Karlie admits she likes the attention, plus, a little flirting never hurt anyone! I think Joc may want to hurt both of them when he walks in on their little tryst. She's giggling at Joc's jealousy, but it soon escalates to her screaming at him about strippers and cheating. How did she turn this around? Joc tries to walk away, and he has decided that he's no longer moving into a house with her. He manages to keep his cool for the most part before escaping in his car. 


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