NeNe Leakes Admits She’s “Negotiating” With Bravo About Her Future With Real Housewives of Atlanta?

NeNe Leakes at the 2014 Bravo Upfronts

NeNe Leakes' future with Real Housewives of Atlanta continues to be a source of speculation. If you're a natural cynic like myself, you're probably starting to think this looks like a big ole' PR stunt by Bravo (and NeNe)!

First there were rumors that NeNe was demoted for angering Andy Cohen, refusing to bring the drama, and making unreasonable demands. Then came the rumors, started by NeNe herself, that she had quit the show. Then NeNe made a prominent appearance at the Upfronts and along with Kandi Burruss was the only RHOA star to represent. Now I firmly believe all the ladies from RHOA will be invited to return, will they all accept – who knows, but with with ratings this high Bravo is not going to mess with success too much!

However, NeNe continues to stoke the rumors that she may leave the show. In a recent interview with NaughtyButNiceRob she admitted she is considering downgrading her role. "I will still work for Bravo – I’m happy to stay on. We just need to work out some things," NeNe revealed. "I’m happy to do some things. I don’t know if I’m happy to be a full time Housewife."


According to lore, NeNe is angling for more money, another 'friend' on the cast (i.e. playing a role in choosing the newest cast member) and stipulations about who else gets a peach. I doubt she'll have any say in that last bit. 

NeNe continues, "I wouldn’t say I've outgrown [the show] because people would want to throw eggs at me. I would just say that I have grown and I’m at a different place in my life." 

Echoing a recent tweet, NeNe admits she's a bit frustrated with her ego job. "I personally don’t want to go to work everyday where you have to be negative. When I wake up every morning and I go off to be negative it just feels like it spills over into my regular life – you become what you work with."

Despite all of that NeNe believes she still has a role on the show and that fans enjoy her. "I think people enjoy my realness, I think people enjoy how genuine I am. They can relate to what I’m saying. I’m very direct. Some people appreciate the directness and some people don’t."

Another rumor is that NeNe will be leaving RHOA to focus on her I Dream of NeNe spinoff which will become a new permanent series on Bravo. And to all of those who believe NeNe is feuding with Bravo, she addresses the rumors on her own blog

NeNe shared that she was thrilled she attended the Upfronts, and spent lots of time with her good friend Andy, "who I am having a beef with and clearly didn’t know it! We laughed and had a few cocktails like only a Queen would do! How dare me use the word Queen! Queen B that is, LOL!"

And I ask you, does this look like the promotional material from a network that has just fired or demoted said someone? Because this is the most recent NBCUniversal/Bravo publicity promo for their upcoming year. Notice that the only Bravo personality featured happens to be Miss NeNe Leakes… 

NeNe Leakes Featured On NBC Universal Promotional Flyer 2014.

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Right… Publicity Stunt by Bravo! 

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