Teresa Giudice Refusing To Do Press For Real Housewives of New Jersey Until Sentencing Hearing On July 8!

Teresa and Joe Giudice

Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice are scheduled to go before a judge on July 8th for their sentencing hearing after pleading guilty to a whopping 41 counts of federal fraud. 

The couple is still hoping Teresa will be able to avoid jail time and in the meantime are putting on a happy front. With Real Housewives of New Jersey starting days after Teresa's sentence is handed down, one of Bravo's most recognizable stars has been suspiciously absent from any network events – even skipping the Upfronts(Somewhere Melissa Gorga is doing a happy dance that she is finally number 1! Let's hope Poison didn't take any business tips from his brother-in-law. RHONJ season 9 – Can I borrow your leopard print prison jumpsuit when you're done with it?) 


Anyway, Joe and Teresa are doing everything possible to keep Teresa out of jail and on our TV screens! “Joe and Teresa will be meeting with officials from the probation department and a report will be prepared for the judge to review at the July 8 sentencing hearing. The probation report will give the judge guidance as to what prison time if any Joe or Teresa will be sentenced to,” a source dishes to Radar Online. 

“The couple will meet with officials separately. Joe is prepared to tell the probation department that he was the sole perpetrator in the crimes, and that Teresa had no knowledge,” the source explains. “In doing this, Joe is hoping that the judge will not send Teresa to prison, and instead either give her probation, or house arrest.”

And since RHONJ footage apparently does not suffice as a mental health eval, the couple is meeting with a psychiatrist to determine if they are mentally sound enough to handle prison. Oh what I wouldn't pay to see that report! Please let it get leaked, please let it get leaked… The source continues, "A meeting with a psychiatrist is also on the books to determine their mental health status, and how they would do if placed in prison. This is always done in these cases, and the Giudices aren’t receiving any special treatment.”

Now back to Teresa's missing appearance at The Upfronts, apparently in an effort to keep a low-profile she chose to skip the event and Dina Manzo was sent in her place! “The network obviously wanted her there and wanted her to talk about her legal problems because they are in the show, but she just isn’t willing to do any press right now," the source shares. 

Teresa is terrified of making a wrong move between now and her sentencing. She’s praying that she gets only house arrest or even probation. So she’s staying out of the limelight and avoiding any situation where she will have to talk about the case." Which unfortunately isn't boding well for the network which is totally "stuck" with Teresa.

Teresa is also trying to convince herself that Joe will not be deported once his prison sentence finishes and is ardently trying to work with the courts to avoid this. 

Teresa "is hopeful that their lawyers will be able to avoid this altogether, but it isn’t looking like it will happen,” the source continued. “Joe is going to deal with whatever his punishment is, and if that includes being deported, he will face it. Of course, Joe would fight any attempt to be deported, but he knows his chances of being successful are slim.”

[Photo Credit: Joel Ginsburg/WENN.com]