Kristen Taekman Finds Ramona Singer Is Less Than Remorseful After Throwing A Glass In Her Face

kristen taekman

I'll be honest, I am digging on what Kristen Taekman brings to the table as the new girl on Real Housewives of New York. Sure, she loves to splash, and that's clearly a Cardinal sin, but she seems pretty real. She's quickly become tight with Carole Radzwill and Heather Thomson, and I do believe that Kristen honestly wants to help Sonja Morgan. That said, I'm still reeling over her showdown with Ramona Singer, and Ramona's defensive response after receiving so much backlash for her actions. 

Kristen is still just as riled up watching the events unfold in the Berkshires as she was living them. She begins her Bravo blog, Where do I start? Who knew Lu[Ann deLesseps] was a nurse? Thank goodness for Lu. I have to say I felt a lot better knowing her credentials. Ramona kept saying it was not her intention to hit/cut me with a wine glass…I'm curious what exactly was your intention when you threw that glass at my face–it was much more than a knee-jerk reaction? I would LOVE to know. Almost a year later, I am still wondering???"


Reminding viewers Ramona was super upset to get wet while wearing her bathing suit and canoeing on a lake (can you blame her?), Kristen continues, "I certainly did not provoke her to hurt me–that was not MY intention. I was trying to be playful and have fun with 'friends' in a lake, surrounded by water on a hot day and I splashed her, and she threw a glass at my face and cut me. BTW last time I checked water is not a sharp object! And did you notice Sonja and Carole also got wet and they didn't even flinch or have any type of knee-jerk reaction."

She writes, "I want you all to know, including Ramona, that I am terribly sorry for what has happened in her past and in her childhood and any issues she has with her mom and dad. I also want you all to know that it is not OK to use that as an excuse for bad or violent behavior…She clearly needs therapy. She has got some major issues that need to be worked out. The craziest part of this whole thing is that she seems to have very little remorse! That night when she tried to apologize to me, I couldn't even deal I was sooo angry. Her attempt at an apology was so half-assed. #overit #elvistakemeaway" Yeah, that pretty much was the worst apology I've ever seen. 

Moving on to happier moments in the episode, Kristen reveals more of her hunk of burning love obsession. She shares, "Elvis Elvis Elvis! Just watching Elvis arrive and sing to me gives me such butterflies!I was so surprised and soooo happy that Heather did that for me! What a great friend she is! She is amazing. Great Barrington, NY, is a place that I grew up visiting and across the street from the restaurant where we ate that Saturday night was where I got my first Elvis poster. It used to be an antique store 20 years ago, and my dad bought me a Roustabout original movie poster. The rest is history, and Elvis has been with me ever since. Heather of course knew all of this and her having the impersonator that weekend was perfect in so many ways! Holla Momma! #whathappendsintheberkshiresstaysintheberkshires"

Kristen recalls, "Breakfast the morning of the hike in the woods before Ramona left was sooo awkward! Ramona was up and ready so early. I thought it was very suspicious…Why was she in a such a good mood and then all of a sudden during the walk in the woods she has a panic attack when some trees and shrubs reminded her of her past and low — and low and behold she had to leave and ironically there was a plane waiting for her at the nearby airport — as if her good friend just conveniently happened to be in the Berkshires at that tiny little airport. Not that I am surprised at all that she flew back and left us all in the Berkshires.

She even feels badly for Ramona's biffle, concluding, "Sonja, poor Sonja, gets left in the dust by her BFF. Although I scratch my head because why would Ramona just up and leave Sonja with out saying goodbye — nevermind without taking Sonja with her? Sonja open your eyes! Copake Lake: We had so much fun that day. You could see all of us just relaxed into our vacation. We swam, we drank, and we let loose and finally started to have fun. The Drama flew back to the Hamptons!"

So, there you have Kristen's take on the ongoing saga of the split lip. I do wish she'd chill with the #hashtags though. #ispendenoughtimeontwitter #bravoblogsweremysafeplace


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