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I wonder if the actors on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta do their own stunts. The fighting has gotten to be insane!  

Last night's episode started and stopped with lots of lady brawling, beginning right where last week's ended, with Karlie Redd going loco on Yung Joc's realtor/chauffeur/stylist/side piece Khadiyah. As the women are parted, Joc enters the room, and he's so confused as to why the two women he's bedding are fighting after he forced them to spend the afternoon together. After he admits to sleeping with Khadiyah, Karlie tells him he needs to check his hos, and she screams at Khadiyah that she hopes her lady parts taste good. Keepin' in classy! Karlie is so over Joc, and she declares she never wants to see him again…once he gives her a ride home. Joc can't seem to persuade her to get the heck out of his car, and when he exits the vehicle for a hot second, she jumps into the drivers' seat and peels off down the road. Joc laughs to himself…what did he expect?


Bambi is telling Lil' Scrappy about Momma Dee's visit complete with soup and kindess after hearing that Bambi suffered a miscarriage. Lil' Scrappy explains that he got his confusing nature from his mother, and while he still isn't "in love" with Bambi, he does love her. That's good enough for her! As he kisses her neck, she tries to convince him that he is actually in love with her. He is ready to try again as he wants a son. Bambi backs up a bit…she's not going to have a baby with someone who isn't in love with her and won't marry her (but wait…). Scrappy doesn't need to be in love as long as he thinks Bambi would be a great mom. Bambi isn't about to be used for her eggs, and Scrappy gets confused as the egg metaphor takes another brilliant turn.

Tammy Rivera is meeting with Joseline Hernandez at that urging of Waka Flocka's mom who thinks the two women have a lot in common. I think I would be devastated if someone thought I was like Joseline, but Tammy seems excited to have a new friend. The women discuss wedding plans, and Tammy asks about Mimi Faust's sex tape. Joseline compares Mimi to a pilgrim, although I'm not quite sure why. Again, subtitles, Mona! She then says something about a century being half a hundred years, but she isn't quite sure because she didn't finish high school. Oh, Joseline. 

After the candles and the come-ons, Scrappy is hoping that he and Erica P. can go back to being friends. She is shocked to find out that he got Bambi pregnant when he wasn't in love with her. Scrappy figures that Erica is probably a bit jealous to hear this news, but she's a home girl so she'll be fine. Erica is all about using her feminine wiles to entice Scrap, so she hops of the couch and reinserts her ass cheek back into her booty shorts. She is also wearing leg warmers that come all the way up to her hips. Um, why not just wear actual pants?

love hip hop atl erica p booty shorts

Speaking of fashion, Joseline is hoping that personal stylist Tammy will help dress her for a photo shoot. As Tammy gives her input, Joseline keeps making digs about Tammy to the point where Tammy wonders why she was invited over in the first place. Tammy finds Joseline's fashion choices to be questionable, but she keeps her opinions to herself. Joseline doesn't understand why someone wouldn't show ass in every outfit, and she starts to wonder if Tammy is cool enough to hang with the Puerto Rican princess. I am so confused by what just happened here.

Needing to vent to her friends, Karlie plans a girls' night out with Rasheeda Frost and Erica Dixon. Erica has been MIA thanks to her broke model boyfriend, and Rasheeda shares that Kirk tried to hire a sports bar waitress to be Karter's nanny. Karlie, not surprisingly, agrees that Rasheeda should stalk out the bar. Karlie hasn't spoken to Joc since she drove off in his car, but she complains to her friends that it's hard to give up on their relationship. She still loves him, but she doesn't know if she can forgive him for the constant cheating and disrespect. On cue, Joc walks into the restaurant. He claims that he didn't want to cheat, but he turned to her when he started to worry that maybe Karlie didn't support him. I love how he tries to turn it around to place the blame on her. Joc wishes that he'd thought to talk to her first, but oh well. Karlie is quick to forgive, and she promises that to curb her jealous, possessive behavior. 

love hip hop atl karlie

Rasheeda is making the rounds with her girlfriends and enjoying a spa day with Tammy and Mimi. Mimi once again recites how her sex tape came to be. Rasheeda hopes that Mimi is prepared for the backlash that will come about regarding her daughter. Tammy admits that she went to style Joseline and got a lot of shade thrown her way. Mimi warns Tammy to watch her back if she intends to form a friendship with Joseline. Later, Benzino is ambushed by Mimi and Stevie J. and Joseline's former PR person Dawn. After Stevie and Joseline grace the cover of Benzino's magazine, Mimi wants 'Zino to know that his publication was printing lies. They show him a bunch of text messages as proof, but the Zeenster starts to get worried when they can't find a marriage license in the public records. Surely his best friend wouldn't put his reputation at stake for a crazy stunt. 

At the sports bar, Rasheeda questions Jasmine as to her intentions with Kirk. Jasmine assures Rasheeda that nothing is going on with her and Kirk, and the only phone conversation she's ever had with Kirk had to do with baby-sitting. Jasmine's smirk is less than convincing, but Rasheeda decides to take her at her word…for now.

love hip hop atl rasheeda jasmine

Stevie and Joseline are meeting with Benzino about Joseline's upcoming photo spread. 'Zino explains his recent encounter with Mimi and Dawn, and Stevie laughs that Benzino would believe Rose and Blanche. The Golden Girls need to be playing bingo somewhere. Joseline is frustrated that 'Zino even entertained their accusations, but he's willing to believe Stevie because he knows his friend would never risk the credibility of his magazine. Sorry, 'Zino…this is Hip Hop Weekly, not Time. Credibility should be the least of your concerns.

Dee has gone all out for the prince's thirtieth birthday, and Scrappy has both Bambi and Erica P. in attendance. Now that Bambi and Dee are besties, they approach Erica about her eggs, and Scrappy makes an awkward introduction. Erica immediately apologizes to Bambi for the miscarriage, and Bambi wonders who the hell Erica is to know her personal business. As Bambi confronts Scrappy, Erica makes the mistake of calling her a bitch and grabbing Bambi's arm. Bambi straight up punches Erica who proceeds to go totally crazy. Dee reminds Scrappy to keep his bitches in check, and Bambi wonders why he needs a side chick when she rubs his feet every night. After Erica gets escorted out kicking and screaming, Bambi and Scrap celebrate in the club. Good times for sure!


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