Is Teresa Giudice Writing A Tell-All Book About Her Fraud Indictment?

Teresa Giudice Meet & Greet at Philadelphia Wedding Expo

Like her or love her, no one can deny that Teresa Giudice has had one helluva an interesting life! Between her felonious husband, to her feuding family, to her experiences on Real Housewives of New Jersey, to raising Milania! to her own experiences as a soon-to-be-con, she's lived through it. 

Sources say Teresa, a savvy business woman despite her pre-school vocabulary, is "working furiously" to write a shocking tell-all about her scandalous life! “She’s been approached and offered big money for her tell-all," a source reveals to Radar Online. "There are a lot of publishers who want to get her locked down and make sure they have the book in-house.”


Without a doubt Teresa's ghostwriter Heather Maclean is probably on-hand to pen the gritty biography, but Teresa has apparently been storing up tons of information to release exclusively in the book. “Teresa’s covering all of the tough times that she’s going through. Everything, including how she’s prepping the family for jail time for Joe and maybe even her, which she is praying doesn’t happen," the source adds. "And she’s going to admit everything that really happened as well as her fears about jail.”

The source says that Teresa's publication will be well-timed to coincide with the aftermath of her sentencing and the appearance of RHONJ, both of which happen in July. “Teresa usually is promoting a book every season but this season she is staying quiet to write and to make sure she has the sentencing details and aftermath in there.”

However there's another reason Teresa turned to writingses – she's using it as a diary to help deal with her tumultuous reality! “Teresa is incredibly stressed about the whole situation," the source explains. "She’s using this book writing for relaxation and hoping to find the silver lining in the cloud.”

Well if Teresa writes a tell-all I would for sure read it! What do you bet she calls it, Felonies, Italian Style? Or maybe: Fabulicious Felonies?

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