If There Is A Season 2 Of Southern Charm, Thomas Ravenel Won’t Be Returning…Le Sigh


Full disclosure: I set out to loathe Southern Charm. I anticipated watching like one would a train wreck. In the beginning, I did, but then something strange happened. It was as if the Who's Who of Whooville Charleston various towns throughout my great state were able to change this Grinch. At first I couldn't stand the thought of Thomas Ravenel, having once watched him make out at the table next to me in some oyster bar years ago. Then, strangely, I began to feel sorry for him, as he clearly just wanted to find love and a proper Senator's wife. Finally, he grew on me, much like a wart or some other weird skin abnormality, but grew on me nonetheless. I honestly think he's going to be an amazing dad.

That said, I guess I'm going to have to start following politics, because T-Rav isn't planning on any more Bravo stints. Instead, he's hoping to revamp his political career with the hopes that people will remember his time on Southern Charm more than they do the time he served in prison. T-Rav certainly has a colorful past, doesn't he? He's like a modern day Ernest Hemingway without the works of literary genius. 


T-Rav has shown quite an interest in Lindsey Graham's U.S. Senate seat and claims he will run against him as an independent should the incumbent win the GOP Primary. The new father and former South Carolina treasurer took to Twitter to share the disheartening news. Thomas revealed to followers, "If there is a Season 2 of #Southern Charm, I will not be a participant," adding, "I do wish the show the best though."

But what of the rest of the gang? I follow them all on Twitter, and there has been radio silence as to a second season. I certainly haven't seen Andy Cohen shopping on King Street either. So much has changed for each of them, so I worry about the show's fate. Craig Conover graduated from law school last month (congrats!) and Cameran Eubanks got married in April (congrats!). As far as I can tell, Jenna King now lives in Los Angeles, and Whitney Sudler-Smith is hanging with Prince Albert of Monaco in Cannes. Rough life. As for Shep Rose? I keep up with him via the poor quality, stalkerish photos my friends snap of him at local bars and then share with me via text. I have grand plans to head to his new hot dog establishment very soon.

Perhaps the show could go the way of Bravo's other break out success Below Deck and revamp with an entirely new cast (that's the rumor, at least). However, I think the cast, coupled with the amazing city of Charleston, totally made the series what it was–hilarious boy drama…and lots of it!

Charleston's Post and Courier reports that Bravo is playing the whole "no comment" card when it comes to Southern Charm. A rep for the network told the paper he had "nothing to comment on at the moment" in regard to a second season. In the meantime, I guess I'll keep my fingers crossed. Of course, it certainly won't be the same sans T-Rav


[Photo Credit: Bravo]