Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Lil’ Scrappy And Bambi Dish On Their Love And Why Basketball Wives LA Wasn’t A Good Fit For Bambi

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The shiz-nigh-ee is about to hit the fan-ishtas-ee. No, not really…I just love channeling my inner Lil' Scrappy. The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star says the darndest things! Scrap has had close to a dozen eggs scrambling to get in his pants this season, but Momma Dee is cracking down on the ladies. Not just any woodland creature can enter her kingdom!

Speaking of, "the Bambi," despite what we saw on Monday's episode, Scrappy and Bambi are still together and more in love than ever…which, in Scrap's case, means he's finally in love!


The pair recently sat down for an interview with The Jasmine Brand where they dished on their love and allegations of Scrappy's penchant for violence in a past relationship. Bambi even opens up about her stint on Basketball Wives: LA and the scary Momma Dee!  Check out an excerpt below!

Bambi, we met you on Basketball Wives LA, as a close friend to Malaysia [Pargo]. Are you still friends with Malaysia?

Well, I don’t really get to talk to her that much because she’s there and I’m here and we both have a lot going on but ya know, we’re going to be family forever. It just really didn’t make sense for me to do Basketball Wives since I’m not a basketball wife. And I’ve been living here and I’m just liking this new relationship so it just made sense.

Bambi, how did you end up meeting Scrappy?

I have been knowing Scrap for a long time like before that. I met him like 3, 4 years ago in a club or something, we were just cool and friends.

Bambi, were you nervous when you seen Mama Dee interact with his past girlfriends?

I wasn’t nervous because I’m like, ‘All moms like me and she’s going to like me’, because I don’t do anything and I’m not disrespectful but then I got moated.

Scrappy, what do you love most about her?

She’s quite beautiful, inside and out, she just educated as hell man, I like that sh*t. She be teaching me some sh*t I don’t even know. I be like, ‘I don’t even know what that word is, what does that mean?’ I’m straight from the hood you know what I’m saying and I try to elevate my thinking but with her it’s just reading books and saying big words and sh*t. I love that she is beautiful inside and out and she definitely can teach me something, I ain’t never had a woman that can teach me something other than the bullsh*t.

Bambi, what do you love most about him?

He’s always willing to make adjustments and you know how most guys are just who they are and they don’t want to correct anything, he’s always willing to correct his mistakes and move forward and that’s what I love most about him.

Scrappy, your 2nd ex, Diamond, she made some comments that you were physical with her while you were in a relationship, can you respond?

Bambi: Well, can I respond because that just really makes me feel some kind of way because I’m with him and he’s never shown any signs of being physically abusive to a woman. If he’s going to be aggressive with somebody it’s going to be me because I’m bigger than him and I’m going to be all in his face. But yea, that just kinda took me somewhere, it’s annoying.

Scrappy: I look at it like she got a new show coming out so she’s trying to promote her little situation, trying to get some battery charge or something but I ain’t got nothing for her though. It’s just 4 years ago, you finally come back and get the story right and use lies because everything she said she was doing, she said it was me so yea.

Things I love about this interview: Bambi being honest enough to realize that a show called Basketball Wives should follow actual wives; her reference to being "moated" (I am so going to use that when banishing people from my palace); and Scrappy's response to that last question. Was that even an answer? 


[Photo Credit: Twitter]