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Last night's Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta highlighted the opening of Stevie J. and No-Neck's new venture…and I am going to venture a guess that we didn't even see the tiniest portion of the real drama that occurred that night! Sleazy and Zino's Bistro and Bar is becoming an actuality. Stevie and Benzino have brought their ladies to check out the space. Joseline Hernandez has grand plans to perform at the club once a week–maybe nightly–because everyone loves seeing what she has to offer. She bonds with Benzino's new love Althea, warning her that Karlie Redd will be back for No-Neck's money given the opportunity. The women laugh over the fact that Althea used to "hang with" Mimi Faust's sex tape co-star back in the day. I just don't get what is so appealing about Nikko. Joseline has heard that Althea gets around, so this news isn't surprising to her. Across the space, Sleaze and Zeen toast to their nightlife endeavor, and Benzino reveals his grand plans to propose to Althea. I cannot get to Atlanta fast enough to belly up to the bar at this magnificent establishment.

Rasheeda's grand plans to make Kirk Frost jealous with a girls' trip to New Orleans are quickly deteriorating. Kirk doesn't think that his wife needs to be out partying when she should be home tending to their son. At least he's finally claiming paternity! Rasheeda can't understand why it was perfectly fine for him to have a threesome at Benzino's cabin, but she can't take off for Mardi Gras for a few days. The couple is taking son Karter for a check-up, and Kirk wants the doctor to tell Rasheeda just how bad it is for her mother to kiss Karter on the mouth. The doctor shares that young babies are definitely receptive to germs, and she discourages them from allowing anyone to kiss the baby on the mouth. Perhaps she should also warn Kirk that it is probably unsanitary for Karter to be chewing on his gold chain as well. 


Deb's son and Waka Flocka's brother KayO committed suicide during filming, and my heart just goes out to their family. As Deb recounts his last few days to Tammy Rivera, Waka leaves, not able to handle the conversation. Tammy breaks down next. I hate that the only real things on this show have to be so tragic.

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Yung Joc is performing at a showcase, and Karlie wants to be there to support her man now that he's promised to stop sleeping with talking to his side-piece/driver/stylist/realtor. Kirk is also attending the event, and he pulls Karlie aside to let her know that Benzino and Stevie are opening a new club and Benzino has a new lady on his arm. Karlie lights up at the mention of her ex, and she admits to Kirk that she had some great times with Zino. Plus, she knew she could trust him not to try and bed every woman who crossed his path. Kirk seems to be putting out the vibe on Karlie as well, but I think being a lecherous douche is just second nature for Kirk. At the end of their conversation, Karlie decides to surprise her ex at his grand opening…and hopefully meet this new chick.

Momma Dee deserves a scooter, and she wants Lil' Scrappy to buy it for her. He can't believe that he went out of town for a few days and returned to find that his mom was having Mafia type round table discussions with all the eggs in his life. Scrap also admits he is disappointed that Bambi turned out to be so whiny. He wouldn't have gotten so involved with her if their situation hadn't gotten "for real, for real." Subtitles please, Mona! Scrappy and Dee strike up a deal…he'll buy her a scooter if she'll stay out of his love life. Something tells me he'll be returning that scooter before we know it!

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It is finally the day that Atlanta has been waiting for since the beginning of time…the grand opening of Sleazy & Zino's. There is a perfect mix of cleavage, booze, and Stevie and Zino patting each other on the back. Stevie is even channeling his inner UrkelKarlie arrives with some woman I've never seen before (Kidding, Erica Dixon!  You certainly aren't getting much screen time this season, are you?), and the fun is about to begin. Just in case you were wondering–and you didn't look at it when it was leaked on the Internet–Zino has a tiny peen. Karlie revels in sharing this news with Erica, saying she liked it small. So classy. Benzino decides at that moment to come over to introduce Karlie to Althea. 

Right off the bat, Erica describes the scene as "awkward" to Althea because she's used to seeing Karlie on Benzino's arm. Who says things like that? I guess I should ask whoever wrote last night's script. Zino hopes that everyone can be adults, and Althea agrees, reminding Erica that Karlie is in a new relationship as well. Althea then asks if Karlie has Benzino's phone number, and Karlie fires back that she has all of Zino's numbers. Althea decides to shut down Karlie on the spot, questioning why she told Kirk that she was missing Zino's d*ck. Zino goes to find Kirk to clear up the situation, and Karlie is livid that Kirk has been lying about her. It's okay, people. Kirk is able to provide some clarity. He says that Karlie never said she missed Zino's D, she just missed being in his presence. Karlie reminds Zino that she's crazy, and someone better warn the new girl. New girl Althea doesn't seem to mind, and she chucks her drink on Karlie. Amateur.

Karlie is smiling as she's dragged from the club, with Benzino yelling, "Escort that bitch out of here!" Erica wants to know who Zino is calling a bitch (um, it's pretty obvious, right?). Althea has somehow managed to get another drink in this short amount of time which she quickly chucks on Erica. Karlie warns No Neck that he should be very afraid with Joc. Joseline hates that the fight has interrupted her time drinking champagne and being sexy. She notices that Althea is at the center of all the drama, and she hopes that Zino will be keeping his new lady in check…or else Joseline will do it for him. 

Scrappy busts in on Bambi's girls' night to find out what happened between her and his mom. I think that Scrappy is shocked to learn that Bambi tells him that she's done with their relationship before he can get the words out of his mouth. Scrap seems intrigued by this aggressive Bambi who tells him to go back to his mother's nipple. She's screaming at him as he exits the restaurant. Nope, he definitely didn't see that coming!

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Dawn has been hard at work putting together a party for Mimi and Nikko's one year anniversary party. Mimi is fine being one half of Atlanta's sexiest power couple, but she hates that both Dawn and Nikko keep hyping the sex tape. Zino is funding the party, but he doesn't want to go. He knows about Althea and Nikko's past, and while he's not threatened (yeah right), he'd rather go see a chick flick. Althea is pissed that she's wasted a perfectly good outfit because Benzino can't be around someone she fooled around with when she was in high school. At the party, Dawn informs the happy couple that Benzino won't be coming, and Nikko drops that news that not only did Althea hook up with him, but she's also ridden the Stevie J. bus. Erica is appalled. Mimi isn't surprised. Am I the only one thinking it's weird that Mimi and Stevie basically traded partners? Is Mimi a swinger now too in addition to being a porn star? Nikko then reveals that Althea has been texting him lately, and Mimi isn't happy with this revelation. 

Joseline and Karlie are meeting for lunch to rehash Althea's behavior at the grand opening. Joseline didn't expect such ratchetness from a girl with an old lady name. Karlie changes the subject so she can talk about her smack down with Joc's realtor. She also admits to leaving her iPhone hidden in Joc's car and using the "find my iPhone" feature to figure out where he was. Joseline is impressed by her friend's smarts. Where are the men you can trust? Joseline certainly doesn't trust Stevie, and it's about time she went through his phone.

Tammy and Deb are doing a radio interview to promote her charity "No R.I.P." to raise awareness about reckless Internet posting. After KayO's death, she found that he was fighting several battles on the Internet against posters who were talking trash about his family. It is a horrible phenomenon, and the irony isn't lost on me that my job is to snark on reality stars. 

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Over dinner, Stevie wants to talk about their upcoming wedding celebration. Joseline wants to talk about divorce after finding a bunch of naked pictures on his phone. She doesn't need Stevie, but he reminds her that she is nothing without him before storming out of the restaurant. When Stevie gets like this, I find him to be terrifying. For real. 


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