Real Housewives Of Orange County’s Heather Dubrow Apologizes To Shannon Beador For Banishing Her From Her Home…Sort Of

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It's too late to apologize (too late!)…just call me One Republic, but I have a feeling that Shannon Beador isn't going to be accepting Heather Dubrow's half-hearted "I'm sorry" any time soon. After gossiping about the Real Housewives of Orange County newbie and then kicking her out of her home, Heather feels badly about what transpired on this week's episode–well, kind of. We've already seen Tamra Barney Judge's remorse over the incident.

Heather begins her Bravo blog, "Let's get right into this…The email…When Tamra and I were at Fig & Olive having lunch, she told me that things weren't good between Shannon and David and told me that he had written her a bad email. When I left her I went to a dinner in the other room with a group of women. They asked me what happened at my lunch with Tamra. They were very happy to hear that we had made up because they knew how upset I had been about the breakdown of our friendship. They then asked if I had ever heard from Shannon after what happened at her holiday party weeks earlier. I said no, but apparently things weren't good with her and David and he sent her some funky email and let's give her a break. Basically, exactly what Tamra had said to me. Should I have said anything at all? Probably not. Was it said in a gossipy, malicious way? Definitely not. The conversation was no longer than a minute or two. Unfortunately, one of the ladies present texted under the table to her friend that this conversation happened. The person she texted is a lady friend of David Beador's which is how the story got back so quickly." Is it just me, or is "lady friend" a negative insinuation? 


She continues, "Tamra has told me many personal things over the years. I am a very good secret keeper. Shannon has also told me some very sensitive, personal things since that time and I have NEVER repeated them, not even to Terry. I was told about the email on camera so I assumed it wasn't a topic that was off limits." I'd believe this if the women–all of them–weren't constantly getting their feelings hurt for 'secrets spilled' that originated on camera. Heather knew exactly what she was doing, and if it wasn't meant to be malicious (and I doubt it was), she should just own it. At least Tamra did…after denying it multiple times before getting backed into a corner. Classic Tamra. 😉 

Rehashing her confrontation with Shannon, Heather recalls, "Shannon stops by…Shannon and I had agreed to talk privately when there was an issue between us and not involve the rest of the group. However, less than 24 hours later Shannon was taking me to task at her holiday party in front of everyone. I was so upset when I left that night, and Shannon seemed very happy about the situation. She even told Tamra how proud she was of her for the way she spoke to me about Good Day LA. That was the last time I had seen or spoken to Shannon," adding, "Shannon chose to put her troubled marriage on TV and expose her children to all that comes with it, I did not do that to her. The night of Shannon's party, she said to Tamra that she thinks I'm a liar so why would she come to my house and ask me for the 'truth' about anything? Tamra and I had been at odds for months and things were finally OK. Was I supposed to throw her under the bus for Shannon? A person who admittedly doesn't like me very much and thinks I'm a liar? So she could run back to Tamra and say 'Heather told me….' It felt like a set-up. I was also so angry about the whole scene at Shannon's holiday party that I couldn't see past those feelings."

Finally getting to her apology (I think?), Heather writes, "Here's another difference between Shannon Beador and Heather Dubrow: Shannon loves to talk about me to anyone and everyone that will listen. Every time she is with the other ladies she initiates a conversation about me. I'm tired of being judged by her. It all gets back to me, so forgive me if my knee-jerk reaction to Shannon showing up at my door isn't 'I'm so sorry, how can I help you?' Having said ALL of that, I didn't have the knowledge of what was truly going on with Shannon. I didn't know how much pain she was in and how bad things were. Had I known, I would have approached the situation differently."

Heather laments, "When Shannon left I felt terrible. I asked her to leave because the conversation was going in circles, and I could hear my kids in the other room which meant they could hear what we were saying. I wasn't comfortable with this and that's why I asked her to leave. After she left, I texted her telling her I was sorry she was upset. I never heard from her, not that I blame her after seeing the extent of her pain. Shannon, I'm sorry that happened, I couldn't see past what had gone on with me to see what was truly going on with you. I hope you can forgive me. I was happy to see that David and Shannon are communicating and using this unfortunate incident as a learning tool. Terry and I have definitely had our share of bumps in the road and it's truly those times that you see what your marriage is made of… Until next week…"

So that's a genuine apology, right? At least by Housewives' standards, I'd say. Can't we all just get along?


[Photo Credit: Bravo]