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It was another busy weekend for the Kardashian-Jenner clan.  The family celebrated Khloe Kardashian's 30th birthday, hunted for $20 million apartments in NYC for Kim Kardashian and of course filmed it all for their reality show and showed off some interesting fashions for the cameras. 

Khloe turned 30 and celebrated with two birthday parties.  At the first soiree, her boyfriend-but-not-boyfriend French Montana gifted her with jewelry (a ring and two sets of grillz) and a Jeep Sahara, totaling over $100,000.  The second party was held aboard a yacht.

In between Khloe's two birthday bashes, Kim and her family went apartment hunting in NYC.  Kim is reportedly looking for a $20+ million dollar home with more privacy.  <insert reality camera joke here>

Tonight is an all new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.  I'm tuning in for this one for sure.  Tonight they'll be airing the disastrous Vienna Opera Ball date and supposed racist incident on the plane ride home.  I want to see how Kris spins the Vienna Opera Ball – the one where Kim got paid FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS just to attend with businessman Richard Lugner.  Kim fled the ball after being offended by a man dressed up in black-face imitating Kanye West and then she claimed that Lugner got grabby with her. 

In a clip for tonight's episode, Kim tells her sisters that on the plane ride home a woman in first class stood up and yelled that she needed to "shut her black baby up."  I'm just not buying it.  I think it's a fabricated story.  If this is legit, there would've been a lot more buzz about it.  From other passengers on the plane, from the airline, who would've definitely been issuing some public apology to Kim for the incident..SOMETHING!  In this age of social media, passengers would've been outraged and sharing that all over Twitter the minute they landed (or in the air with their wifi).  Kim told Piers Morgan back in March that the police took the woman away when they landed, but not another thing was reported in the press. Did the woman get a fine? Jail time? Banned from the airline?  Paid actor?

Kris also claims that things were stolen from her luggage, including a gold bag, a Chanel bag, two pairs of sunglasses, shoes and more.



P.S.  Reminder: No new episode of Kandi's Wedding tonight!  Finale airs next Sunday night. 





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