Lizzie Rovsek Understands Why Shannon Beador Needed Answers From Heather Dubrow About The Email!

RHOC Lizzie Rovsek

On last week's episode of Real Housewives of Orange County an organic vodka courageous Shannon Beador took matters into her own hands to get to the bottom of some rumors concerning her marriage. Of course that meant barging into Heather Dubrow's house to demand answers and getting thrown out, but hey – a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

As most of Shannon's co-stars are sympathetic to reasons for needed answers, Lizzie Rovsek, who was mainly Team Heather during the episode suddenly understands Shannon's motives.  

"For me, watching the episode brought me more clarity to Shannon’s situation regarding the email from her husband, David. During the time all this drama was going down I heard everyone’s side of the story, but was still confused as to what was really happening. I didn’t know exactly what went down," Lizzie admits.


"What I knew was that Shannon had confided in Tamra [Barney] about an email. I knew that Shannon was upset that Heather was talking about her and the supposed email. I didn’t know what exactly Shannon had disclosed to Tamra and I didn’t know exactly what happened when Shannon confronted Heather."

"I saw Shannon very upset, but I did not know the extent of it all," Lizzie continues. "I really did not think that Tamra would have told Heather about the email. Everyone knows Shannon and Heather don’t have the best relationship; and for all obvious reasons, telling Heather about Shannon’s situation does not add up to a good idea. However it happened."

Lizzie, does however, wish Shannon had taken a different route to seek the truth. "I really do wish Shannon didn’t go to Heather’s house to confront her. That obviously didn’t go over well. However, that happened too."

Lizzie reminds us, "I am not directly involved with this situation, but because Shannon and Heather both shared their side of the story with me, and because I care about them both, I feel the need to comment on it. I really feel that the issue is between Shannon and Tamra, Shannon and David, and not Shannon and Heather."

And lastly, Lizzie admits that in the heat of the moment a need for truth trumps logic. "I can’t blame Shannon for doing anything that she did. When you are upset, you are emotional and you just want answers," Lizzie states.

"My heart goes out to Shannon because she felt betrayed by a friend and knew that people were talking about her marriage. Neither of those things are good and it’s scary when you don’t really know where to turn or who to talk to."

Moving on, Shannon's friend who betrayed her – aka Tamra – is really trying to sell us on this robotic baby nonsense. Was that storyline supposed to go to Gretchen Rossi or something before they fired her?

Tamra announced on Facebook that her new "son" Astro will be making another appearance. And Astro confirmed to her that she does not want anymore children! 

tamra barney's robot baby

"It's a boy! More of the Astro experiment tonight on RHOC #NoMoreBabies.#finished," Tamra shared

Tonight Shannon and David join Vicki and Brooks in Puerto Vallarta where their marital drama continues to unravel. Meanwhile back in Cali, Tamra and Eddie struggle to deal with their newest addition (see above). Heather and Lizzie attempt to juggle careers and motherhood. 

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