Apollo Nida Grey Suit

As Apollo Nida's sentencing date draws near – as in TOMORROW! – he is not holding back. 

Apparently the soon-to-be-former Real Housewives of Atlanta star has the opposite strategy of Teresa Giudice, who has been keeping a low (and mum) profile to prepare for her sentencing. Apollo, on the other hand, has been giving countless interviews discussing his situation and focusing on drama. 

But perhaps since Apollo is facing up to 30 years in prison he just has nothing to lose. “I’m cool, just trying to keep everything in stride. I’m just waiting to get an update from my attorney." 


Although Apollo admits he is relying on others to get him through – no word on whether or not reportedly estranged wife Phaedra Parks is in that category! “Support is definitely needed,” Apollo admits. “I appreciate everyone [reaching out].”

One person who Apollo is disappointed in is Peter Thomas. His former bestie joked in an interview that Apollo is “as well as someone who is getting ready to go to jail [could be]!”

"At this time, I don’t have time to waste to get into what he was saying,” Apollo told Radar Online. “I didn’t really think he would count me out like that. I haven’t even been sentenced yet.”

“I talk to him, I just didn’t think he would have anything to say. I guess it doesn’t surprise me,” Apollo acknowledges. Ouch. Apollo has also been spending some of his remaining free days with Todd Tucker. At the strip club, of course. I suppose if ever there is a time when a man needs to appreciate a strip club… 

And Phaedra was recently on vacation with Kandi Burruss. If your husband was headed to the slammer for decades would you be spending time on a vacation away from him? To me that only adds credence to the rumors that the couple is all but divorced.  

Tomorrow Apollo receives his sentence unless his court date is rescheduled at the last-minute. Reality Tea will be updating you on the information. 

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