Farrah Abraham Hopes Her Erotic Trilogy Will Help Teens Avoid Promiscuity

Farrah Abraham Celebrity Sex Tape

Have you bought and read Farrah Abraham‘s first erotic novel, Celebrity Sex Tape In The Making, yet? I mean, it has been on book store shelves for eight days now. What are you waiting for?!?

Not only does the former Teen Mom star believe her erotic trilogy will give Fifty Shades of Grey a run for its money, but she also thinks it will make a difference in the world. Because, of course! Honestly I am shocked Farrah has not won a Pulitzer Prize yet. I’m sure she is too!


“There are a lot of stories that I laugh at, some funny sex things, and I also did some things that made a lot of people think,” shared Farrah. “I know a lot of erotic stories are really just telling the story and I don’t know if they really make you think.”

Farrah went on to say that her own sex life sucks. So she got “wild and crazy” in her head during the writing process.

“My personal sex life isn’t that great,” shared Farrah. “We all know that my sex life really isn’t that hot or crazy. I just wanted something wild and crazy and I think as women, we don’t do these things in real life. We need to get wild and crazy in our heads. I am happy as a writer that I got to take my mind to other places.”

Farrah added that she wanted to touch herself – a lot – and that made writing so much harder. “I’m being honest,” she said. “Because I feel like there were a lot of hot and heavy things that I wrote about and thought about.”

But all of Farrah‘s hard work – and self control – will pay off when the Celebrity Sex Tape trilogy helps teens avoid promiscuous sex. HAHA – I can’t.

“I would rather have them reading erotica or buying a sex toy then going out and having sex with somebody and having that person create problems in their life or shunning them or making them feel bad,” explained a delusional Farrah. “I feel like this is a healthy way to express themselves.”

A few reviews of the book have popped up on Amazon. A snippet of the best:

“It is pretty obvious that Farrah had a ghostwriter or a lot of help. Farrah can hardly form a coherent sentence when she speaks. The book is an unabashed trip for Farrah’s over-sized ego. Farrah, er Fallon, is beautiful. Everyone is jealous of her beautiful face, tan skin, perfectly sculpted body, and, in the end, how great she ‘performs’ on camera.

All we really know about Fallon/Farrah is that she’s super pretty and awesome, nothing is ever her fault, the media portrays her negatively, and everyone uses her. We never really get below the surface of Fallon/Farrah and I suspect this is due to the fact that there’s really not much there to Farrah the person. She’s superficial, petulant, self-righteous, and pretty dumb.”


Photo Credit: Twitter