Farrah Abraham’s 23rd Birthday Party; Farrah Promotes Celebrity Sex Tape

Farrah Abraham 23rd birthday

Farrah Abraham's first erotic novel, Celebrity Sex Tape: In The Making, hits the stores next month. That means it is going to be a very long – but oh so entertaining – month. Yay! Last week, the Couples Therapy lone bird bragged about her portfolio of literature and challenged E.L. James to keep up with her, and a good time was had by all. 

So, today's good news is, Farrah has more to say about her book and life. The bad news is that I have pictures from Farrah's 23rd birthday party too!

Why did Farrah decide to write an erotic trilogy? "The whole sex symbol – that hype – and I'm single and 23, I felt now is the proper time for me to write about some fantasies and some great things that luckily I turned into a positive." Why I love Farrah so much – she never fails to turn "great" things into "positives". 


When asked if she's always been interested in the adult entertainment industry, she who dabbled in porn, molded her coochie for a line of sex toys, and wrote an erotic trilogy said, "I'm not really attracted to adult entertainment that much. I think that's just parts of Farrah. I think when you are young, you're a business woman, you're single, and also a mother… I would never tell anybody to limit themselves and I am personally not going to limit myself – so I am just being me and doing everything that I do."

Farrah celebrated her 23rd Birthday at Pacha in New York City – Reality Tea was invited to the party, but we were, um, washing our hair that day. Sorry. I know you're all bummed. We may reconsider next year, and if we do, I'll let y'all know where to send your penicillin donations. K? Thanks! For this year, please enjoy the red carpet pictures and a snap shot of the party invite below.



Please note the invite boldly promises Farrah's party will be the 23rd Sexiest Birthday Bash Of All Time! I can't help but to wonder whose parties were the 1st through 22nd sexiest parties of all time. HaHaHa! Oh Farrah, never change!


Farrah Abraham Birthday Party


Photo Credit: Alberto Reyes/WENN.com and Twitter