Farrah Abraham Plans To Open A Frozen Yogurt Shop In Texas

Farrah Abraham 23rd birthday

Farrah Abraham has been talking about opening a restaurant for years now. We have heard it all… she’s a foodie, she’s a culinary school graduate, she’s opening Asian and Italian fusion restaurant in Florida, and she’s opening a non-alcoholic drinks and donuts joint in Texas. The list goes on and on and on.

About her latest idea, Farrah recently shared, “It is my own concept. It’s about having fresh and frozen cuisines and foods at this restaurant.” Lo and behold, the Teen Mom star and Couples Therapy train wreck has finally brought one of her non-porn ideas to life! Thank you, porn money!

Froco Fresh Frozen is set to open October 1 in Austin, Texas. But, it sounds like its primary focus is self-serve “frozen” yogurt and “fresh” toppings, which is hardly an original idea. Froco’s messy website boasts, “The Froco lifestyle is about spreading positivity and passion to others and always keepin’ it poppin’.”



Farrah Abraham's Froco Fresh Frozen

The grand opening of Froco Fresh Frozen will be a red carpet event! Froco Coba, the creepy mascot, shared the picture above and tweeted, “Can’t wait to be on the #Froco Red Carpet w/ Founder Farrah and Daughter Sophia who loves her popping boba’s the most!”

The very best thing about this business venture – for us – is that Farrah wrote the website copy herself… entertainment for days!

Froco’s History: The founder of Froco, was set to open a restaurant concept when the now first location and property of Froco was available. Instead of going with the first planned restaurant concept the founder had a better feeling about Froco. There was a lot to be completed with an unplanned great concept, so the founder of Froco thought about the possibilities to buy into another franchise of the similar sort but then realizing after being excepted to the other growing franchises of the similar sort that their values, their brands weren’t as great as what the founder could live up too.

So with passion and positivity the founder wanted feedback on her Froco idea. After asking others in salons, playgrounds, stores, and just everywhere the founder was set on Froco and the mascot being Coba the popping boba! With confidence at an all time high, Froco planning started happening, the founder who has a culinary arts and management background as well marketing and promotion experience started putting all the pieces together.

The founder after moving to Texas at the age of 22 right before the creation of Froco was told by her doctor to better her health with plain Greek yogurt. Being the foodie that the founder is, the founder put Greek yogurt in everything – sandwiches, pastas, salads, wraps, sushi, desserts and the founder was happy to taste better enhancement of flavors with Greek yogurt in all the food options. The founder found the balance of taste, health, and quality and wanted to bring this to everyone’s lifestyle all year round.

Farrah Abraham is recognized nationally for her success in entertainment as well being a wonderful mother to her daughter Sophia who at age 5 has helped every step of the way in creating a lovable, positive, passionate, and educational mascot for Froco, Coba The Popping Boba, who you may put on frozen yogurt. Feel a pop of passion and positivity every time you visit Froco.

Um, road trip to Texas, anyone?!? 😉

There’s more! For a cool $200,000, you can purchase your very own Froco from Farrah! “You may have thought ‘I wanted to open my Froco like yesterday!’ So if your that serious and sure about the great passionate and positive feelings inside about Froco let’s get it poppin!”

However, if you want to buy into Farrah‘s franchise, you must be serious and live up to her high expectations. “Froco is committed to growing the lifestyle with a no nonsense attitude, we help you achieve success rapidly; we will not be like other franchise processes as we were found on better expectations. This is not about franchising this is about a lifestyle.”

Starcasm has more pictures of Froco and Coba.


Photo Credit: Alberto Reyes/WENN.com and Twitter