Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans attend Farrah Abraham's 25th Birthday Celebration on May 21, 2016 in Miami, Florida.

Farrah Abraham To Replace Jenelle Evans On ‘Family Boot Camp’

Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans

Well it truly is a toss-up between Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham on who needs family therapy more, but it looks like Jenelle won’t get the opportunity to be fixed on WeTV’s Family Boot Camp.

The Teen Mom 2 star had signed a contract and was due to begin filming Family Boot Camp this month, accompanied by boyfriend David Eason and mom Barbara Evans, but then they realized there would be no one to watch the kids while they were cavorting around L.A. Plus, David got sentenced to 60 days in jail. Plus, Jenelle is pregnant. So it just didn’t work out! Actually no – not quite!


Jenelle is livid after Barbara dropped out of filming and WeTV decided to cut Jenelle from the Family Boot Camp cast. Luckily, there is no shortage of seriously screwed up Teen Moms from which to replace her with. Enter Farrah.

Michael Abraham, the original Famewhore Father, revealed on Facebook that Farrah plus Fam was headed to L.A. to film a new show. Michael boosted it’s “something never done before.” He obviously forgot Farrah‘s tenure on Couples Therapy.

Farrah Abraham films new show with dad

“Traveling to L.A. with my lovely daughter Farrah! Yes starting a new ‘show’ project which will surprise EVERYONE! Stay tuned the next few months for big announcements!” Mike shared on Facebook. [Credit]

Michael added that he and Farrah will be “on lock down” for the next couple weeks, quarantined away working on themselves according to Real Mr. Housewife. And what a relief it is for us to have Farrah tucked away.

While Micahel didn’t share what exactly they were doing, and no one wanted to speculate too closely, The Ashley revealed that Farrah will be filming Family Boot Camp as a last-minute replacement for Jenelle.

I’m glad WeTV is ranking Teen Mom train wrecks now. I wonder how Jenelle feels to score the no. 1 spot? What a prestigious honor against such stiff competition!

Even more hilarious, Amber Portwood tweeted that Family Boot Camp initially asked her to appear as Jenelle‘s substitute, but she declined. Which means Farrah was the network’s THIRD choice!

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 1.12.23 AM

Amber tweeted, “I just passed on a certain show because of my surgery so they went to the 3rd choice to take my place..wonder who that was??” Then Amber retweeted someone who guessed the third choice was Farrah.

Well, we all know Farrah’s standards are incredibly low… lower than Amber’s though? I’m frankly shocked! However, Amber clarified that she only declined because she’s still recovering from plastic surgery, but also bragged that there is more to her life than being a reality star. Mmmmmkay.

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 1.12.32 AM Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 1.12.40 AM

Amber declared that she is not a “reality show puppet,” adding, “I never strive to be a millionaire or famous. I just want to make sure my family and future is taken care of and we’re happy and healthy.”

At this point I’m sure the obvious question is: Who is watching all these small children while these people are cavorting around, filming therapy shows, and recovering from tummy tucks? But don’t you rain on these Teen Mom’s parades with reality and responsibility!

I’m sure your second question is, but what about Jenelle?! Apparently when WeTV initially approached Jenelle they had no idea she was pregnant. Probably worrying about the stress on her unborn baby, something Jenelle so isn’t concerned with, they tried to cancel the contract. A furious Jenelle and her trusty attorney started looking into legal options against the network.

Then when Babs backed out, WeTV offered Jenelle and David the option to appear on Marriage Boot Camp instead. Jenelle is still pretending her relationship is, like, so perfect and mature, so she declined.

Reportedly, there is still “a lot of friction between the network and Jenelle’s camp” over how everything went down. I’m sure Jenelle will add it to the list of reasons Barbara has ruined her life.


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