Little Women LA Recap: Miss-Conception


My wish from last week’s episode of Little Women LA came true and we were given a whole lot of Traci Harrison this week. Sadly, it was not the Traci I was hoping for. We will get into this more as we dive into this week’s episode that includes wedding drama, straying boyfriends, and babies!

The show kicks off with Christy McGinty and Todd warehouse shopping. Christy cracks a joke that warehouse shopping and little people could result in “death by shopping.” I love that Christy doesn’t let her size hold her back. We always see her climbing to reach stuff at stores and man-handling items that are close to the same size as her. Good for her! Christy brings up setting a date for the wedding to Todd, but then mentions that she wouldn’t mind eloping. Todd considers the idea because this will be a second marriage for both of them until Christy brings up the fact that she hated her last wedding. Todd says that this would be an opportunity for her to do everything the way she wants if they were to have a big wedding and Christy is easily persuaded.

Also planning her wedding is Traci. She and Terra Jole are at a country club, checking it out as a potential venue for her marriage to Erik. Traci and her family have been members of the country club for a long time and she remembers going there frequently growing up. Her parents are with her and her dad gets emotional at even the thought of his little girl getting married. It’s really sweet! As the parents leave to talk business, Traci opens up to Terra about not being sure if she wants Christy to come to her wedding. She explains that she and Christy have been friends for 14 years and has always been loud and obnoxious. Traci doesn’t want to take the chance of Christy stealing her spotlight on her big day. Terra understands because she’s had her own fair share of problems with Christy, but hopes that Christy and Traci can work things out.

All of the girls meet for a meal and Elena Gant announces that she has decided not to go forward with getting the breast implants. She says that she and her husband are going to try to have a baby and she wants to wait until after she has had children. Elena also takes this time to share that her husband’s family does not know that she has a form of dwarfism. They just think that she is very short. Therefore, she is planning to speak with her husband’s family to tell them that she is a little person and that there is a fifty percent chance that their baby could be born with a form of dwarfism. This doesn’t settle well with a couple of the girls, mainly Tonya. Tonya feels that Elena wants their approval and that shouldn’t be necessary. She goes on, that babies are at risk for many different things and she doesn’t understand why dwarfism would be any different to need approval. I understand where Tonya is coming from, but the fact that Elena hasn’t even told his family that she is a little person might be the reason she wants to open up and tell them the statistics.


Later, Tonya Banks and Terra are lounging by the pool. Terra has a bomb to drop on Tonya. Joe has told Terra, that at the music video shoot, Trevore (Tonya’s boyfriend), was focusing on all of the other girls in the music video besides Tonya. I’m thinking, “Are you sure that wasn’t you, Joe?” Tonya doesn’t take this news well. Right on cue, Joe emerges from the house to verify what Terra has told Tonya. Tonya wants to cancel their upcoming double date, but Terra and Joe talk her out of it and say that she should confront Trevore.


Back in wedding world, Christy and Todd have set a date and she is at a bridal show, waiting of the other girls to arrive. Briana arrives first and Christy asks her if she will be her maid of honor. Briana accepts and is really excited. Shortly after, Traci, Elena, Tonya, and Terra arrive. Briana tells the other girls that she is now Christy’s maid of honor and everyone’s happy, except for Traci. Traci does not understand why Christy would choose Briana as her MOH when they aren’t that close and Briana and Todd used to date. I’ll admit, Briana and Todd’s relationship popped into my mind too when Christy asked her, but maybe it was nothing serious. I also raised my eyebrows when Traci seemed to get jealous about Christy choosing Briana as her MOH, when she might not even be inviting her to her wedding.

Terra jumps in by bringing up Traci’s bachelorette party location. She suggests Las Vegas and Traci immediately says no because, “Vegas=Strippers.” Briana suggests that they make the bachlorette parties a joint event. Traci looks unsure about this idea too.

The girls are doing some cake tasting and Traci starts to ask Christy some prying questions about her wedding plans. Christy has not made many plans and comes back at Traci for having had her wedding planned years in advance. The tension is thick. The girls separate and Christy over hears Traci talking about her to Terra. Traci was talking about Christy, but she was not saying what Christy thought she heard.

Regardless, Christy kind of loses it on Traci and then walks away. The girls find Christy outside and Traci confronts her. From what I understand their problems go deep. They seem to be long time friends that have grown apart over the years. It sounds like Christy might have been very difficult to be friends with during her years that she was not sober, and Traci’s patience might have run out. Traci uninvites Christy to her wedding, in front of everyone! It was brutal. Christy is clearly hurt and feels like Traci is not giving her a chance to live in the present, instead of her rocky past.


Traci talks outside with Terra, Tonya, and Elena. She’s still going on about how she’s upset that Christy chose Briana as her MOH. The other girls step in and give Traci a reality check saying that she and Christy are clearly not that close anymore and she is sounding very judgmental and jealous. I think that’s pretty accurate.

Tonya, Terra, and Joe are at a restaurant waiting for the wandering eye, Trevore, to arrive. Terra offers to initiate the conversation about Trevore’s poor behavior at the movie shoot. She decides to approach the subject at the angle of being “concerned for her friend.” When Trevore arrives, he can sense that the air is a little chilly, so Terra dives right in. She calls him out for telling Joe that he and Tonya are just “friends.” She also says that he commented on every girl at the video shoot except his own. Trevore defends himself and says that he didn’t know if Tonya was ready to announce to everyone that they were officially together. He also states that he did not begin jokingly commenting about the other girls until Joe did it first. The conversation is getting pretty heated and neither Joe nor Tonya chime in and this frustrates Terra. To add insult to injury, Joe starts back peddling on his story saying that he didn’t say Trevore was talking about other girls, totally not having Terra’s back. Ugh, I can’t stand Joe.


Elena and her husband, Preston, meet his family at the park to discuss Elena’s dwarfism and having a baby. Elena explains her diagnosis and the statistics of having a baby with dwarfism to her mother in law. The mother in law seems concerned but reassures Elena that she has all of her support and love. Preston’s cousin shares his love and support as well. This scene was very touching.

Terra and Joe are having some coffee at home and Terra brings up the argument at dinner with Tonya and Trevore. She explains that Joe was not on her team. He says that Terra went overboard and he couldn’t have done anything to help anyway. She moves on to how she’s also not happy with how Joe told her to “Eat $*&#” at the video shoot. Joe says he’s sorry, but it was just a matter of him overreacting the way that Terra did at the dinner. Terra is crying during her talking head and I really feel for her.

The next day, Terra apologizes to Tonya for the way the argument went on the double date. Tonya assures her that their friendship is all good, but she’s just worried about Terra and Joe’s relationship. Terra says that she thinks they can work it out. Briana and Traci arrive for lunch. Christy was invited, but Traci doesn’t think she will show up because of their altercation the other day at the bridal show. Traci explains that she feels like Christy is trying to steal her shine and compete with her, when Christy walks up. Traci gives her an awkward greeting along the lines of, “Oh, I thought you weren’t coming.” Christy asks if Traci doesn’t want her at the lunch and Traci says that she does.


Elena shares her discussion with Preston and his family to the girls. They discuss the option of in vitro fertilization, which would allow the dwarfism gene to be removed and eliminate the possibility of having a baby with dwarfism. Elena is just going the natural route and Traci says she will mostly like being going the in vitro route. This is a hot topic of debate for the ladies as some feel that you should just allow nature to take its course and pray for a healthy baby. Briana gets emotional at the thought of her not being here, had her parents chose to remove the dwarfism gene. Traci explains that she does not want her child to have to feel the pain that she has gone through being a little person. The girls suggest that Traci seek therapy because it sounds like she doesn’t love herself. Terra also makes a point that Tonya has an average size daughter, and her daughter was still teased ifn school for having a little mom. Christy steps in to point out that everyone has a different opinion on this topic and it doesn’t make anyone right or wrong.

Next time on Little Women: LA: The girls are off to Vegas for the double bachelorette party and looks like Traci cuts loose a little, a stranger offends Briana by patting her on the head, and Christy wants to elope!



Recap author –  Cecile O’Neil

Photo Credit: Lifetime