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This is the divorce that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends…

Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin are continuing to battle over the reality TV empire that is their 8 children. Jon lashed out by being involved in a Kate tell-all which painted the wannabe momager as a tyrant, but Kate is now fighting back by reportedly having nannies spy on Jon while the children are in his care!

Reportedly Kate has no qualms about owning up to having Jon watched – because she doesn’t trust him! “The only reason Kate was so strict on the nannies pertaining to Jon is because he tells the tabloids what is going on within the family,” says a source.


Kate is so skeptical of Jon’s intentions – and his desperate need for money since TLC doesn’t want him on the family’s reality shows – that she won’t even allow him in her Pennsylvania home! “She does not allow Jon in her house at all because he takes papers and whatever he can get his hands on to use against her.” Jon previously got sued over allegedly nabbing one of Kate’s computers to find dirt on her. Kate since withdrew the suit.

Kate’s nannies reveal that Kate isn’t just uber strict about her ex-hubby – she’s also super strict when it comes to parenting her brood when it comes to their relationships with Jon! Kate has admitted running a tight ship is a necessity, however, the nannies allege it’s taking things too far. One purported rule is that the kids could only use the house phone to call their dad so the nannies or Kate could listen in and spy on the conversation!

However a Kate source tells In Touch Weekly that she’s doing it with the right intentions: to make Jon a more responsible parent. “Kate just wants Jon to live an honest, hardworking life and stop dwelling on their failed married which ended 6 years ago.”

Personally, I don’t feel Kate is qualified to judge anyone’s behaviors – even Jon’s.  Neither one of these exes feels the other is qualified to parent well – last year Jon revealed he wanted to obtain full-custody of the sextuplets because Kate refused to stop featuring them on reality shows even though the kids do not want to participate.

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