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Hey! Remember on last week’s Sister Wives when Kody got showered in waste at the RV park? Good times for sure! The Browns are on their way across country to meet a Christian polygamist family whose faith isn’t rooted in Mormon principles. This guy is living Kody’s dream. He once got his wife to bake for him and then complained while she was baking that she wasn’t available to cuddle. What will remedy that? Another wife! Who is this guy and how stupid are his wives? 

Kody is sporting a fancier version of his usual denim button down. It’s got embroidery on it. Christine is a bit wary about driving across country to meet a family they don’t know. Janelle is happy to mingle with like-minded people. In the dark of night, the families meet, and Kody is beside himself trying to impress the cool Nathaniel Richard and his wives. From what I gather, he only has two wives. They admit to living a secret life, but the Richards share that there are a lot of plural families living in Missouri.

The Richards kids channel their best Sound of Music as they march their way through roll call. The families share a Passover meal where they celebrate (?) beasts and boils. Nathaniel is only thirty-three, and the Brown wives remember just how bright-eyed and idealistic Kody was at his age. From what I gather, the Richard family won’t be getting a spin-off any time soon. They aren’t hip even by Meri standards, and one of the wives is sporting a straight-up banana clip. Someone get this lady a scrunchie so we can at least bring her into the early 90s! 


As the Browns gather their plates, the Richards admit that they have a “quirky” family tradition where they all take their first bite of food simultaneously…even if they aren’t eating together. Christine can’t even disguise how baffled she is, and Robyn is suffering from some major RBF…resting bitch face. She’s been over this family since they pulled into the driveway. The following morning, the Richards are eating their mini-wheats in unison before their kids chase after chickens in their yard. TLC tries to relate the Richards to us viewers, but it’s a sad attempt to garner another polygamy franchise. If Nathaniel does get his own show, it should be Twin Sister Wives because I can’t tell his ladies apart, save that banana clip.

Christine has a very serious conversation with a precious nine-year-old who relates a rooster and his hens to polygamy. The little girl did a tremendous job memorizing her lines. Her monologue about “animals having more than one mate so they are no different from humans because everything is made by God so why can’t humans have more than one spouse” is Oscar worthy. Christine is impressed. As a child of polygamy, Christine feels a connection to this child since it’s the only life she’s ever known…except, when you think about it, mommy number two has only been around a few years…

The families spend some quality time together the following day where all the children are able to interact. That evening, the adults head to dinner to learn more about each other. Nathaniel explains that he read through the Bible with his first wife, and he wondered where the Bible said it was bad to have multiple wives. Nathaniel’s first wife worried about what she did wrong that her husband needed extra fulfillment from another woman. Nathaniel had a weird dream one night where he married wife number two who was friend from church. Wife number one immediately knew that Nathaniel was dreaming about her friend, and she was cool with it. Meanwhile, wife number two was dreaming about mothering Nathaniel’s children with his first wife. Basically the couple courted wife number two. I kind of tuned out when Robyn slapped wife one on the arm in a “you go, girl” moment. I just can’t. 

The entire gang is back together again for a cavern tour. Kody keeps singing before inviting the Richards to come chill at their RV park. The Richards have nine children, but they are all from wife number one. Meri feels for wife two who suffers from infertility issues. Both women struggle with questioning God and assuring their sister wives they are grateful and happy for the good fortune of others who can easily get pregnant. The Richards family doesn’t use the term “sister wife,” they prefer the term “BFF.” Um, what? PS guys, big claps to all of you who predicted Robyn’s pregnancy, because we just saw a commercial about it. The families talk about sharing a kitchen, and the Richards talk about their polygamist friends who share a bedroom. The Brown wives are appalled. Guess what? The Richards wives totally share a bedroom. They don’t say it, but they are so defensive about it, it has to be true.  Perhaps their spin-off will be on Cinemax instead of TLC? 


[Photo Credit: TLC]