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Last night it was V-Day for Mimi Faust and Nikko on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, and of course, by “V” I mean Vivid! The pair’s sex tape was released, and Mimi is beside herself as to how this will effect her daughter later in life. At least her acting is getting better!

Mimi takes Eva to Stevie J.’s so she can figure out her next move. Poor Eva doesn’t have much going for her in the parent department, but she sure is a cutie pie, and she’s good at remembering her lines! Mimi reiterates once again that she’ll be able to provide for her daughter’s future, and while it may not be the best way, it’s HER way. Stevie gives the same speech about how he’s being the best dad he can be while jumping with Eva on a jump castle. I guess jump castles trump child support…

Joseline Hernandez is channeling her energy into a boob-fueled shopping spree. She is still planning a getaway where she can whoop it up with K. Michelle. What happened to her new show? Joseline calls K. Michelle to complain about her marital woes, and K invites her to New York to forget her worries for a while. K. Michelle reminds her that New York would be a great place to make more connections for her music, but Joseline is more focused on meeting men for pleasure…not business. Don’t call it a crossover. It’s a girls’ weekend!  Woo hoo!


Kirk Frost is hosting his “I’m Sorry” party for wife Rasheeda. Erica Dixon and Karlie Redd are upset to see Althea show up (in diapers, no less!) on Benzino’s arm. Both Karlie and Erica claim they will be the respectful for their friend’s big day, but I’m not holding my dress. The event starts out with Bobby V. serenading Rasheeda on behalf of the sorriest man in Atlanta. Rasheeda appreciates Kirk’s effort and sweet gesture. Nothing says “I’m sorry” like a speech from Kirk and a giant banner displayed across the porch. He even replaces Rasheeda’s mom’s broken Chanels with a pair of new Prada glasses. Kirk hopes that Benzino will at least take some of the blame for his cabin menage-a-trois. He even waited to host the apology party until after ‘Zino healed from getting shot. ‘Zino then places his blame on Bobby for inviting the ladies to the cabin, although he hopes to make amends with his friend’s wife. Benzino wants he and Althea are as strong a couple as Kirk and Rasheeda. He’s not exactly setting the bar high now, is he? Kirk, on the other hand, is setting the bar for apology parties across the country, gifting Rasheeda with jewelry and a new car. 

lhh atl i'm sorry

After his blacked out brawl with Erica P., Lil’ Scrappy is scared to face Momma Dee. She reveals that she went to Erica to get her side of the story. Dee is very disappointed in her son’s behavior because she wanted to raise a honest and respectful man. Scrap explains that Erica did a total 360 in their friendship, which, correct me if I’m wrong, means she didn’t change a bit. He admits to being remorseful for his actions, but he didn’t like being disrespected. Dee reminds him that a man should always walk away from that kind of situation. Dee wants to call Erica so that Scrap can apologize. They both miss each others friendship, and Scrappy doesn’t want his daughter to ever have a man react to her the way he reacted to Erica. 

Althea wants to say a “sincere hello” to Karlie, but Benzino urges his fiancee to stay away and not ruin the apology party…as if that’s going to happen! Benzino decides to try to smooth things over, and Althea apologizes to Erica but refuses to apologize to Karlie. When Althea doesn’t get an apology from Erica in return, she starts yelling. Benzino tries to calm Althea, but Karlie and Erica manage to maintain their cool. No apologies at an apology party? For shame! ‘Zino gets Althea to the car, and he wonders why Althea lets Karlie get her so heated. 

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Meanwhile, Momma Dee has planned her own apology party with between Scrappy and Erica. Erica begins with a tearful speech about their friendship and her behavior. Scrappy is speechless-nighee. When he says he’s at a loss for words, Dee quickly says “well, find them!” I like seeing a non-crazy Dee. The meds must be working! She leaves the pair alone so he can speak his piece, and he seems very genuine. Maybe nothing happened during the black out? Perhaps it was just Mona’s way to get her characters to show some compassion. Erica and Scrappy make up and promise to be thoughtful towards each other going forward. 

Stevie arrives at the White House to find Joseline packed up and heading to New York. He repeatedly tells her that he never smashed Althea, but she refuses to believe him. Joseline needs a break. Stevie tries his hardest to charm his wife to no avail. She goes so far as to rip up their Hip Hop Weekly cover story. Stevie doesn’t appreciate litter bugs. Once in New York, Joseline is ready to party with K. Michelle after some much needed studio time. When K. Michelle joins her, the women fawn over each other and gossip about the ATL happenings before settling in to watch Mimi’s sex tape–or “granny porn” as Joseline calls it. The women scream and cringe as Mimi hangs on the shower rod. K. Michelle wonders why Mimi didn’t choose a better sex tape partner…like Justin Bieber. Geez, just what the Biebs needs on his resume!

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Back in Atlanta, Ariane and Erica are having their own viewing party, but they are both devastated about their friend’s latest endeavor. Instead of screeching and giggles, there are a lot of gasps and “oh wows.” Erica can’t believe her eyes. She is disgusted. Erica tells Ariane that it is a full blown production, not some amateur video. She’s in tears over what Eva is going to have deal with, and she is hurting as a mother herself. Erica sobs as she wonders what happened to Mimi’s morals, values, and integrity. The show ends with entertainment news and blogs breaking the news of the sex tape’s release. Nikko is very proud of how well the video is doing…he’s outselling Kim Kardashian and Ray J! The stars sit down for their first interview, and right off the bat, they are asked who was the camera man. Mimi is adamant that the camera was on a tripod, but the interviewer isn’t buying it. 


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