Massive Brawl Breaks Out At The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion!

love & hip hop atl cast

It seems Atlanta reunions are the new place to get your brawl on. 

According to reports, during the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion a massive brawl erupted between castmates Benzino, his fiancé Althea Harper, Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez, Debra, Tammy Rivera, and Mimi Faust

The reunion, which filmed Tuesday, was tense from the get-go. Rumors that Stevie J and Joseline broke up over her cheating were confronted and Stevie started taking shots at Benzino before filming began by posting a nude photo of him and Althea on his twitter feed! Stevie even made this menacing tweet, “Relaxing in the bed, preparing an upset for my opponents tomorrow. We built for this, y’all r not!”


By the time the VH1 cameras were rolling – and yes they were rolling during the brawl – Benzino and Stevie were foaming at the mouth. At the reunion Benzino took the first blow when he accused Steive and Joseline of using drugs. Joseline even hinted as much on a twitter post a few months ago – where she also accused Stevie of beating her! 

Stevie leapt up to get Benzino – and was stopped by his security guards – when Joseline, reports a witness, came from behind for Althea and attacked her! Then several members of the cast got involved and “all hell broke loose”! In the process many a’weave was torn and several cast mates were left injured. 

Security was useless to control the chaos because just when they broke up one set of duelers another one erupted nearby. As a result at least one male security guard was decked in the face by one of the girls! Interestingly the spies say it was mostly the girls doing the fighting while the men encouraged from the wings. All of them have records and don’t need another shot for disorderly or assault!  

Finally with security useless and the parties refusing to act right, police were called. No word on who, if anyone, was arrested or what the result was but at least three cast members required attention from the paramedics for injuries according to TMZ. 

Benzino is not sweating losing his friend Stevie to girl drama. He tweeted, “At the end of the day, @hitmansteviej lost a great, loyal, caring friend, and I gained piece if [peace of] mind and an incredible woman..” Adding, “We still gone win cause we have REAL LOVE, not that pimp prostitute love, so don’t worry MY LOVE @Althea_Heart I got your back till I die.”

And Joseline commented with the following tweet, “Time speak the truth. 3 hoes 1 hour! Back to back.” Good thing Mona Scott Young doesn’t care about all this fighting

[Photo Credit: VH1]