Melissa and Joe Gorga

You can go home again (even after you sell your mansion for $3.8 million!)!  Joe and Melissa Gorga tell the judge they want to move their kids back into the Montville mansion!  Joe Gorga was back in court today with renter?/buyer?/squatter? Kai Patterson and it turns out the Real Housewives of New Jersey stars want to take their house back! 

A judge ruled that Kai Patterson can stay in the Gorga house for another 17 days if he coughs up $25,000.  According to the Gorga attorney, Patterson owes them more than $180,000.  So, the eviction proceedings are delayed for a few more days. 

The two sides went back and forth and Gorga’s attorney made it clear that Melissa and Joe want the eviction done as quickly as possible so they can move back into the mansion! The Gorgas want to get back in the house and enroll their kids in school for the upcoming year.   Hmm..guess that “Dream Home” isn’t happening anytime soon. 

Inside the courtroom, they both claimed hardships in the rental debacle and outside the courtroom, Joe scoffed about Kai’s claims that hardship has prevented him from paying the $20K per month.  Joe blasted, “It’s embarrassing.  There’s people who wake up in the morning and try to make an honest living and people who wake up and think ‘who am I going to screw today’.”  Joe also told reporters that Kai didn’t bring up any of the home’s issues until they tried to boot him out. 

To clarify, the $25,000 was only enough to buy Patterson an extra 17 days in the mansion, after that the eviction process gets under way. 

Bravo better fire up their spinoff machine.  I think this would make for some excellent reality TV.  We’ll call it Leave It To The Beavers



Photo Credit: Twitter


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