More Gorga Mansion Drama – Joe Hires Man To Sit On Property And Watch Kai Patterson; Plus, Joe Gorga Owes $45,000 To State Of New Jersey Workers’ Compensation

More Gorga Mansion Drama – Joe Hires Man To Sit On Property And Watch Kai Patterson; Plus, Joe Gorga Owes $45,000 To State Of New Jersey

This Joe and Melissa Gorga mansion drama just gets more topsy turvy by the day, y’all!  `Kai Patterson has more juicy details to spill and let me tell you, these Real Housewives of New Jersey legal proceedings are more interesting than anything on the show will ever be!

I’m apologizing in advance because this is another book-length tale.  I am sharing the whole thing once again, for those of you who enjoy every last morsel of gossip and craziness.  I’m also summarizing a bit of in bullet highlights, although that won’t do these latest revelations and accusations a bit of justice. 

A few highlights – Joe Gorga allegedly owes the state of New Jersey Workers’ Compensation more than $45,000, Joe Gorga also allegedly hired a man to sit on the Montville mansion’s property to make sure that Mr. Patterson wasn’t hiring other contractors to fix the house and more!  Even that “fake attorney” from the Posche 2 salon brawl legal debacle makes an appearance in this twisted tale, too! 

Here’s Kai Patterson’s latest press release in its entirety, accompanied by links, documents and photos.   It’s not just boring house defects, so hang in there! (Links included are courtesy of Kai, not Reality Tea) 

For Immediate Release:

Breaking News: Joe Gorga Hires Man To Harass Kai Patterson At The Mansion (See: Pictures), And Patterson Responds To Squatter Allegations With Documents, Facts and Much More…

Yesterday, I am happy to announce the Judge of the Morris County Superior Court upheld my request to maintain my lease and purchase agreement, and has scheduled a hearing to enable me to obtain a court order that will require the property to be repaired (See: Court Order).  Yesterday, Mr. Gorga was exposed for failing to provide the documents to reflect the correct amount of the rent.

In response to Mr. Gorga’s recent allegations, and release of an old court order related to my prior landlord, Mr. Gorga, my previous landlord, and Mr. Gorgas attorney all knew each other and all of the circumstances related to my prior residence before I entered into an agreement with the Gorgas. Yes, we all knew each other before I entered into my lease/purchase agreement.  My prior landlord and I entered into a settlement agreement that Mr. Gorga know of, yet failed to provide in his release to defame my character (See: Settlement Agreement). I am going to provide you with the history of how we all came to know each other later in this release, but first I want to address the circumstances related to my prior residence.

I leased a single-family home in Saddle River, New Jersey that I considered purchasing until I learned it was extremely poorly constructed.  The property had roofing problems, poor window seals, plumbing that leaked throughout the foundation of the home, an air conditioning unit leaked into the insulation, all which caused mold to develop throughout the property (See: Mold Report & Mold Pictures).  The property was rented to me without a certificate of occupancy by Terrie O’Connor Realtors, which is illegal in Saddle River, New Jersey, and never disclosed.  The landlord of the property was also a builder, like Mr. Gorga and represented they worked together on building projects.  The landlord of the property never made any repairs to the property, and put the house on the market for sale after it developed mold.  The property is currently listed for $2,300,000.  Although the property has never been repaired, and the pictures of the property provided on-line fail to disclose a single problem with the property (See: Current Listing).   These are the types of scams that builders in the New Jersey are committing and not being accountable because they have shrewd attorneys.  I created the first virtual tours application for the real estate industry, so I understand realtors lie to buyers.

Prior to the settlement of the last property I rented, after learning of the toxic mold conditions, which equaled homes in New Orleans as a result of Hurricane Katrina, I moved into a hotel while attempting to move.  The mold conditions spread so rapidly that I was unable to find a moving company that would move my furniture, and expose their employees to the health conditions of toxic mold.  Before negotiating a leasing and purchasing terms with Mr. Gorga in August of 2013, he requested to visit my prior residence, saw the conditions of the property, and agreed that I should not have paid the owner of my prior residence rent.  During the weeks of getting turned down by moving company after moving company, the owner of the property padlocked the doors to the property and charged me rent while my property remained at the toxic residence.  He was able to get a court order that gave him possession of my 16 rooms of furniture, by representing that I abandoned the property, because I refused to reside at the residence.  Eventually I entered into a settlement with my prior landlord, I found companies to disinfect my furniture, and move it into storage while I negotiated the leasing and purchasing agreements with Mr. Gorga.  

History Between All Parties

While I was renting my prior residence in Saddle River, New Jersey, a prospective purchaser of the property named Mark McGuire attempted to buy the property, which was deteriorating daily due to water leaks, and poor construction throughout the property.  Now remember this name Mark McGuire, because I will provide additional clarity shortly.  Mr. McGuire represented that he was an attorney for the law firm Catania & Ehrlich, PC (Hereinafter, “the Catania Law Firm”), and arranged a meeting to have the law firm provide legal services for the clients of my company, who need family law services.  My attorney Richard Koppenaal attended the meeting, and although the law firm was very nice, their primary legal services were in the fields of construction, sanitation, real estate and gaming (See: Search Results).  Since our clients need family lawyer, we did not enter into an agreement with the firm, although we did provide the firm with a complete overview of our services and business plan.  Our business plan was provided to Mr. Gorga by the Catania Law Firm, without our consent, which Mr. Gorga later stated caused him to want to lease and sell me his home.  For those of you that are attorneys, I’m sure you understand the ethical violations related to releasing my business plan without my consent.

When Mark McGuire learned that I was attempting to enter into a lease/purchase agreement with the Mr. and Mrs. Gorga, Mr. McGuire informed me that he was their attorney and the initial drafts of the contracts were provided by an attorney from the Catania Law Firm.  So here is a recap, Mark McGuire knows my prior landlord by attempting to purchase the Saddle River property, he knows me and my attorney through attempting to have the Catania Law Firm provide services for my company’s clients, and represented he was the attorney for the Gorgas.  Mark McGuire was shortly thereafter arrested, and indicted for representing he was an attorney for the Housewives of New Jersey in an incident Mr. Gorga was involved (See Articles: Arrest and Indictment).  Although Mr. Gorga was also provided with all of the documents related to my prior landlord case and settlement, which he requested before agreeing to lease his residence, he is trying to defame my character.  He is pretending he was not aware of the prior circumstances, and failed to release the settlement, which he was provided in an attempt to label me a squatter.  Well I don’t know any squatters that pay what I have paid just to represent the conditions of a property are inadequate, which is what Mr. Gorga is alleging.  Squatters don’t hang around when you try to stick them with a $4,416.60 unpaid water bill, because you failed to properly winterize your home and pipes break.  Yesterday, I was prepared to post additional funds with the court if we could obtain an order that would require the repairs, but I was not required by the Judge to post any funds.

Recent Incidents

While preparing to leave for work last Friday, I received a letter from someone who came to the Gorga estate from a collection agency that consisted of a lawsuit from the State of New Jersey against Mr. Gorga in the amount of $45,621.38 (See: Lawsuit).  There are also several other lawsuits that are either not settled, in collections or pended judgments, which my attorney has represented exist.  On Monday while leaving the property, I noticed a large African American man sitting on a folding chair on the property I am renting and do intend to purchase (See: Picture1, Picture2 & Picture3).  The man hid his face as I drove up to him, which caused me to immediately call the police department.  When the police arrived, Mr. Gorga pulled up while the man was questions and represented that he placed the man on “his property”.  He began yelling and went into one of his Housewives raving antics, until the police officer told him and the other man to leave.  He stated the man was put on the property to make sure I did not have any contractors come to the property and make any repairs.  Yesterday in court, he learned we are seeking a court order that will require the repairs to be completed by a contractor, and Mr. Gorga will not get a dime until the repairs are completed.  We are also going require the order enforce the lease and sale of the property once the repairs are completed.  Mr. Gorga has admitted that he purposely did not disclose the pipes had burst on the property or numerous other problems, because he was angry that I did not take possession of the property in September of 2013.  In addition to the problems uncovered in the inspection report, yesterday his attorney represented in court there are no major repairs the property needs, which did not go over very well.

New Property Defects

This morning, while going to take a shower, I slipped on water near the tub in the master bathroom, from water leaking from the master bathroom ceiling.  I have videoed the water leak to show the extent of the problem (See: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4, Video 5, Video 6, & Video 7).  Déjà Vu all over again!!!  We had three (3) consecutive days of rain, which happens often in the Northeast.  Yesterday, Mr. Gorga’s attorney stated in court there are no major repairs needed to the property, yet fate would have it the bathroom would begin leaking in addition to the other 35 defects found in the inspection report that was conducted last week (See: Inspection Report).  Mr. Gorga will probably allege that I created these leaks or they are not real, as was alleged in court yesterday.  The videos show water behind buckled the paint, which I don’t know how anyone could create or allege is not real.   Tomorrow we are scheduled back in court, at which time all of this new information shall be presented, to obtain a court order that requires these defects be repaired before property begins to develop mold as did the property I previously rented from Mr. Gorga’s construction colleague.  

——-End Press Release

Are you still with me?  It’s a whole lot to take in at once, I know. 

I’ve reached out to Mr. Patterson because I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering WHY he even wants to buy this property? With all of the issues with the home, the paperwork, the ‘harassment’, etc..wouldn’t you cut and run? I know if my attorney found a way out of the mess, I’d be packed up and GONE.  I’ll keep you posted on his reply. 

UPDATED:  He replied right away.  Here’s why he’s hanging in there:

” Since I can’t get the money I paid Mr. Gorga, and the property can be fixed with funds that would be used for rent by the court, why not.  It’s not going to cost me anymore to have the repairs made since I am entitled to a Marina Hearing that will require the funds to be posted with the court and a contractor can be hired to make all of the repairs.  A Marina Order will not allow Mr. Gorga to see a dime, until all of the repairs are made.  I am in the process of launching a huge company initiative.  Mr. Gorga has falsely represented the amount of the rent in an attempt to take my money, force me out and use his celebrity status to defame my character, which would make it difficult for me to execute another deal, once I found a suitable property.  I don’t want to be inconvenienced anymore.  Yesterday, his realtor stated that he was angry that I did not take possession of the property, which is why he did not disclose the items that were not repaired and the additional items damaged by the fact that he failed to winterize the property.  If I thought the items could not be fixed and it would cost more than what I am required to pay to fix the problems, I would run like hell.”

Needless to say, this is far from over.  And with all of the new accusations being made about the Gorgas, etc, I’m sure they’ll have a response for Patterson.



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