Kai Patterson Responds To Joe And Melissa Gorga’s Eviction Attempt – With Repair Claims, Photos, And More

Downstars Office (Old Kids Room) Fallen Ceiling from Leak in Updstairs Laundry Room2

As with everything involving The Real Housewives of New Jersey, things are not ever as they seem.  And in the case of Melissa Gorga's $3.8 million Montville mansion, the cracks are showing – literally!  Kai Patterson's spokesperson reached out to shoot down the claims made in the press yesterday by Joe and Melissa regarding the sale of their home and their attempt to evict him from the mansion for non-payment.  It would appear there's another side to the story (shocker!) and it's a doozy!

Mr. Patterson's rep shared an extensive response which includes a laundry list of repairs not completed on the home – with photo evidence and more.  Get your popcorn and Pinot.  There are BEAVERS running amok in the Gorga mansion, y'all! 

"In response to your article related to the Gorga's home, Mr. Patterson's rental agreement was modified on November 21, 2013, which changed the price of the rent to $10,000 per month (See Attachment: Modification of Lease and Purchase Terms Executed by All Parties on 11-21-2014.pdf – Paragraph 3b).  A subsequent agreement changed the start date of the agreement executed on November 21, 2013 to February 26, 2014 and possession was taken the property on February 28, 2014.  The February 26, 2014 agreement pushed back the increase in rent until after October 2014, which the Gorgas failed to provide to the Court (See Attachment: Paragraph 1 of Modified Rider as of 02-26-2014).  In addition to paying $10,000 rent, an additional $10,000 per month was to be paid towards the purchase of the property, and those payments were to be used make several needed repairs before and after taking possession of the property.  Although the Gorgas were initially paid $10,000 rent, and a deposit of $25,000, which was to be applied to the purchase price of the home and used to make the repairs, none of the repairs were made on the list of repairs provided below (See: Needed Repairs List and Pictures Below)." 

The repairs and issues with the property, "During the entire first month of possession of the property, the hot water heater was broken and only worked for a few hours each time it was repaired or restarted, leaving the residents of the property without hot water.  The hot water heater was replaced on April 1, 2014 (the day the next month rent was due), after Mr. Gorga agreed to replace in on numerous previous dates.  Although it took a month to replace the hot water heater, no credits were ever provided by the Gorgas for the numerous days the purchaser and his 79-year-old stepfather were without hot water, and took showers in hotels.  The purchaser of the property also paid the Plumber who is Mr. Gorga’s construction partner $250 to replace a broken faucet in the kitchen.  The Plumber cashed the check and never took the purchaser’s phone calls.  The purchaser purchased the faucet and hired another plumber to install the kitchen faucet, which cost an additional $625.  The purchaser of the property also paid the Gorga’s unpaid water bill of $4,416.60 on June 26, 2014 to prevent the water from being shutoff by Montville Township, which was unknown to be owed at the time the purchase took possession of the property.  Upon taking possession of the property, numerous additional problems were discovered, which remain to this day."  Mr. Patterson's rep included a copy of the bill and cleared check proving he did pay the Gorga bill, but I'm not sharing it for privacy's sake since they didn't black out his account info, etc.  

The problems with the house that still haven't been addressed:


·      Mr. Gorga’s construction garbage dumped on the property, which is required to be removed by the Township of Montville, NJ (See: Picture Attached); and


·      Showerhead in the master bathroom does not work properly, and makes it impossible to use to take a shower (See: Picture Attached); and


·      Pipe burst on the master bathroom tub, making it unusable (See: Picture Attached); and


·      The left vanity sink faucet and stopper in the master bathroom does not work and needs to be replaced (See: Picture Attached); and


·      The fireplace in the old billiards room, now an executive office was stuffed with Mr. Gorga’s t-shirt attempt to reduce the cold air coming into the room, and another bird from flying into the house through the chimney (glass on fireplace needs to be replaced and the room is freezing in the winter); and


·      All the three (3) gas fireplaces do not work, and have not been repaired


·      Guest bathroom leaks under the vanity and faucet will not shutoff, causing water to continue to run (water is turned off so the sink can’t be used – See: Picture Attached); 


·      None of the bathrooms throughout the home have shower doors, including the bathrooms that do not have tubs (Gorgas agreed to add shower doors, but they were never added – See: Picture Attached); and


·      Marble step cracked on the bridal staircase by Gorgas while moving was not replaced as agreed, which poses a hazard of falling and cutting one’s foot if used (See: Picture Attached); and


·      Outdoor kitchen has no plumbing and no electricity, which cases the sing to be unusable, and the outdoor refrigerator installed with the property to develop mold (See: Picture Attached); and


·      Beavers enter the house through areas not properly constructed and live in crawlspaces in the walls between the office (old pool room), which can be heard every night and morning (beavers make loud bumps against the walls in the night and morning); and


·      Outside stairs and window never repaired from fallen tree before purchaser took possession (Gorgas agreed to repair, but repairs were never completed – See: Picture Attached); and


·      Design and permits for the pool were never provided to purchaser, which the Gorga’s were required to provide to the purchaser in the Lease/Purchase agreement upon the purchaser taking possession (See: Picture Attached); and


·      Ceiling in downstairs guest office (old kids bedroom) cracked and fell due to an unknown water leak in the upstairs laundry room from a broken pipe behind the laundry room sink, which was spackled but not sanded or painted by the Gorga’s.


"Summary:   On the morning of the court appearance, the purchaser noticed sprinkler system was leaking water by the gallons.  Having just paid the Gorga’s unpaid water bill of $4,416.60, the purchaser attempted to plug the gushing water, which caused him to be late for the appearance.  The purchaser’s attorney to file a motion to vacate the default judgment of possession for appearing late, and yesterday the realtors confirmed the realtors of the parties have agreed to settlement terms that include the Gorgas making all of the required repairs of the property.  If the purchaser is provided with all of the credits paid to the Gorgas, water bill and items and faucet." 

They continue, "The November 21, 2013 addendum to the Lease/Purchase Agreement executed by all parties, will confirm the Gorgas lied about the amount of the rent in their complaint, which was only $10,000 per month.  After paying the first month’s rent of $10,000, an additional $25,000 for repairs applied towards the purchase of the home, an additional month’s $10,000 rent, $4,416.60 for the Gorga’s water bill and a total of $625 to repair the kitchen faucet, the purchaser is paid up through the end of July 2014 if all credits are applied.  The laws in the State of New Jersey require a landlord pay for all expenses to fix all repairs not caused by a tenant.  If a tenant pays $25,000 towards the repairs they should not be required to live in the conditions of the Gorga’s home, regardless of how beautiful the home looks."  

Patterson has retained a lawyer (Richard Koppenaal, Esq.) to resolve the terms of the settlement and oversee the repairs in accordance with the Landlord/Tenant Statutes of the State of New Jersey.

"Please see the attached Addendum to the original lease that requires all repairs to be made with 15 days of notice (See: Paragraph 5) and the requirement of the pool plans to be provided before the inception of the lease, which were never provided (See: Paragraph 4).  Mr. Patterson was never provided with any pool plans or permits."

"All of these issues are being addressed.  Mr. Patterson’s attorney filed a motion to vacate the judgement and the parties are waiting for a new court date.  While the parties are awaiting a new court date, Mr. Patterson’s attorney shall be reaching out to Mr. Gorga’s attorney to begin drafting documents both parties realtors have stated all parties have agreed to enter into a settlement agreement."

Do you think the Gorgas will have a response for this? Melissa is dialing Us Weekly as I type….

Check out the photos below! 



Modification of Lease and Purchase Terms Executed by All Parties on 11-21-2014

Addendum to Original Lease that Requires Repairs to be Fixed in 15 days and Pool Plan to be Provided


And the rider –  rider


Water bill history –


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Fullscreen capture 712014 40555 PM

2nd Location Were Beavers Enter at Night

2nd location where Beavers enter