Aviva Drescher Shares Why She Threw Her Leg; Dishes On The Reunion, RHONY, And George’s Spinoff!

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Aviva Drescher is behaving like a Housewife who already knows her days are numbered finitely and that she won’t be revived for another season. And by that, I mean, Aviva is sparing no details and going all in on the show to give away the secrets and dish the dirt!

Tonight is the season finale of Real Housewives of New York – a season that’s been plagued by lackluster story lines and discombobulated drama. In short – it lacked the magic that once made it such a dynamic show. Many people, myself included, place a lot of blame on Aviva’s disjointed appearances and vicious nature. Tonight, however, Aviva will fling her prosthetic leg across the floor during an argument and all hell breaks loose! 

Aviva reveals she’s never thrown her leg to prove a point, but there’s a first time for everything! “Most people would take off their glasses and slam them on the table, but in this case I wasn’t wearing any glasses. All I could slam on the table and remove was my leg. I consider myself fortunate that I have that ability to do that,” Aviva justifies.



“But no, I’ve never done that before. No. I had just really been attacked all season and I felt very provoked. Throughout the season I raised my voice a few times, I think I called one of the bitches a bitch, and at the end I slammed my leg on the table which was pretty crazy but I felt that there were 3 shrews attacking me and I wanted them to zip it. So I figured I would try and bang my leg on a table and it worked! It worked.”

Aviva admits that she seriously regrets portions of this season – and likewise felt very misrepresented at times. “First of all, the bookgate stuff, it was really very simple. I heard that Carole [Radziwill] had a ghostwriter from several very reliable sources and I asked her. The typical answer is ‘no’ and to move on. Unfortunately she basically had a nervous breakdown on-air and she was beating her chest and screaming and hollering and only really making the viewers think that she did have a ghostwriter.”  Let. It. Go. Aviva – we all know you made it up! 

 Apparently the issue gets revisited tonight (oh Heavens no!) and is the precipice for Aviva flinging her leg. “So where I feel misrepresented across the board is that I’m a liar and that is really what propelled me to throw my leg on the table in disgust. Because you can call me whatever you want, but I’m on a reality show where I’m very open and very honest about weaknesses in my life that many people would not have been,” Aviva seethes.  “And after the 10th time of being called a liar, I had the knee jerk reaction to throw my already loosened leg under the table, on the table. And the reason that my leg was already loosened is that when I sit down at the table to get the blood flow going, I unlock it to have a little bit of wiggle room.”

Aviva says that her leg does stay on through the reunion, because, alas it’s considered a prop! “Well, you know, the issue at the reunion was, is a prosthetic leg a prop or not? Because now at the reunions, Andy Cohen has made a rule for no more props so we’ll have to see if a prosthesis is a prop or not. But the reunion is really great. It’s 3 episodes and it’s very, very, very steamy. A lot gets revealed.” Three. Episodes. Long. Oh Goodness. Stock up on booze now!

And after all those three episodes Aviva is no closer to co-stars Kristen Taekman, Carole, or Heather Thomson – and is still reeling over accusations that she faked her asthma. “I don’t really think much of what Kristen, Heather and Carole say. I consider the source, and Kristen is a bit of a birdbrain,” Aviva complains to OK! Magazine.

“Why would I expect decent behavior from Kristen, Heather or Carole?” Aviva continues. She has become friends with Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer despite last season’s infamous White Trash battle! “Carole specifically off the show trashes me all over town, she had a nervous breakdown on-air, she trashes me at parties and I think it speaks to the serious, mean, vengeful, incurable defect in her personality. And unfortunately I don’t think that what happened with me Sonja and Ramona, which is that we got closer from our differences, I don’t think that that’s ever going to happen with Carole.”

Moving on, Aviva confirms there is a spinoff in the works concerning her father George and his much-younger fiancé Cody. Andy Cohen confirmed this show will not be on Bravo. “There is a potential spin-off in progress,” Aviva reveals. “Considering that I’m his daughter, I’d probably be on it.” Add that to the long list of reality shows I will not be watching! 

Tonight is the season finale – and, as proven by the above story, things get crazy! We’ll be live-tweeting so make sure to join us. 

[Photo Credit: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com]