Exclusive: Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Jim Marchese Responds To Allegations He Lied On The Show

Amber Marchese and Family

The Real Housewives of New Jersey newbie Amber Marchese’s husband, Jim Marchese, is hitting back at a new report that claims he’s telling lies in upcoming episodes of the show.  In a promo clip (that I still haven’t seen), Jim is reportedly seen telling Joe Gorga that he’s working with prosecutors who are working on Joe Giudice’s mortgage fraud case

Jim tells Joe Gorga, “I work with the same f**king attorney general that is prosecuting your brother, you dumbf**k.”  Radar contacted the United States Attorneys’ office to ask about the claims James is making.  They denied knowing him.   “First of all, this man is incorrect. The Attorney General isn’t prosecuting the Giduices. The United States Attorneys’ Office is. As for the claims made by this man, we have never heard of him!”

We reached out to Jim to get his side of the story and to see if he wanted to set the record straight, since Radar based their investigation on a quick clip that has yet to air on the show.  He not only cleared up the clip quote, but also hit back at the website’s descriptions of his legal “issues” in the whistleblower case, too.

Jim responded, “I find this article laughable, Radar Online is clueless.  I noticed the article was written by an anonymous blogger as this article is not accurate and has more spin than a political convention.   First, I was never on the wrong side of the law. The Department  of Justice (here after referred to as  “DOJ”)  paid me over million dollars for my assistance.   The  egregious wrongdoing in the Seattle case was it took the Federal prosecutors in Seattle 6 years to prosecute Cell Therapeutics case and that they were so greedy that they misrepresented facts to the court in a poor attempt to try to keep all the money.    The Court agreed with me and I was paid accordingly.   Without my assistance the DOJ with all of its money and people would not have had a case and people would be dying today from that drug.  The founders of this great country created a separation of powers and the Court system provides a check on the greed and ensures justice.   Sometimes, the citizens of this country need protection from its government. ” 


On to the show promo.  Jim shared, “I did not lie.  Everyone is assuming from the promo that I was working on Joe Giudice’s matter, but that was not what I stated, nor was that ever the case.  I am working with the Assistant United States Attorney in New Jersey on a totally different mortgage Fraud case.  However, there is only one District of New Jersey for the DOJ.   I am not prosecuting any mortgage fraud cases, as that is the Department of Justice’s job not a civilian.  However, the DOJ on occasion requests assistance from civilians in prosecution of criminal matters.  It is in this capacity, that I am working with them. As a trial is scheduled later this year I am not at liberty to discuss details of the case.   There are two primary DOJ offices in New Jersey that I am aware of:  Newark and Camden. I was recently asked to the Newark office to discuss the case involving  a mortgage fraud indictment and up-coming trial which impacted my company. My company was named as a victim in a criminal matter involving a group of individuals who have been indicted for mortgage fraud, among other things.  I wish people would watch the episode before making unfounded statements on the internet.” 

He continues, “As for the episode: When I was speaking with Joe Gorga, I was trying to explain that I am working with the DOJ in NJ on a mortgage fraud case for my bank.  I did not want to discuss any matters regarding his brother-in-law because it was my understanding the DOJ’s Newark office was prosecuting his brother-in-law.  I used the term AG because Mr. Gorga did not know/understand the reference to AUSA.  In plain English;  The Department of Justice “District of New Jersey” that is prosecuting a case for my which my company is also working on Joe Giudice’s matter.   I was trying to protect Mr. Giudice’s  family and mine.   I did not believe it prudent to have private discussions between Joe Gorga, Joe Giudice and myself until their matters were resolved.   I did not know what would be discussed.  Any fool can understand the gravity of the situation and that I was trying to avoid a potential harm for all. “

James then gives a shady shoutout to co-stars Rino and Teresa Aprea,  “I wish the Giudices the best as they are loving parents and deserve to be treated fairly.  Unfortunately, far too many people are ignorant.  A demonstration of this  ignorance was when Rino and TeREE-SA called me a “jerk-off” for not going out drinking with both Joes.    Rino and TeREE-SA should know only a jerk-off puts his family and others in harms way over drinking.  I guess Rino and TeREE-SA assume all of us have daddies who give us restaurants and homes.  It is hard for them understand that most of us work for what we have and need to protect our livelihoods.”


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