Exclusive: Amber Marchese’s Husband James Shares His Side Of The Story Regarding Whistleblower Case, Custody Issues, And His Ex-Wife!

Amber Marchese and Family

Earlier this week we shared some background information about new Real Housewives of New Jersey star Amber Marchese and her husband James. Namely that Jim had been involved in a Whistleblower Action against his former company and his issues with his ex-wife. 

Jim reached out to us to share his side of the story and explain the circumstances regarding custody of his two sons, his ex-wife’s legal situation, and the truth behind his involvement in the Whistleblower action. 

Whistle Blower Action

Jim makes it clear he has “never” had any trouble with the law. Jim explains he and his former company Cell Therapeutics became embroiled in a civil lawsuit which explains his desire to acquire a maximum award from the judge. 


Jim explains: “This was a civil law suit for money. The worst outcome could have been no monetary award. I filed it on behalf of the American People to recover money and to prevent CTI from marketing a cancer drug without properly disclosing a serious side effect. At no time was I in trouble with the law, I was assisting the law, acting on their behalf. As for the dispute over the fee, this was an action that I filed to recover money and again the worst outcome possibility was no monetary award. As you stated in the article; the Court agreed that I was entitled to my fees.”

As a result of Jim’s forthcoming with the US Government, CTI was forced to change their behavior. “In the end, my actions forced CTI to properly disclose the side effects of their drug. Physicians immediately stopped prescribing the drug for off-label uses.”

“I brought that fact to the FDA’s attention in July of 2001. I was the only one (out of thousands of employees) to bring the side effect to the FDA’s attention and I lost job for doing so. Interestingly, none of the articles ever mention this important fact,” Jim reveals.

“Nor does any article mention, I turned down a large cash offer from CTI to ‘keep my mouth shut’ which would have allowed CTI to continue to promote the drug without the disclosure. I could have taken their money, not reported the side effects and lived a nice quiet life. However, if I had not taken action, cancer patient’s today would be treated with this drug and dying because physician’s would be unaware of the side effect. Today the drug is no longer permitted to be promoted or reimbursed for off-label use. I am very proud of this action, I stood strong for what I believed for better or worse. It is funny, I know many others who did taken CTI’s money and turned the other way, but I have not seen them in the papers or the blogs.”

Custody of my Older Boys

“There is no custody dispute, I currently enjoy joint custody with equal visitation times and all of my children attend the same private school,” Jim clarifies. “The documents in the article are from an outdated appeal dating back several years. Appeals in New Jersey take over 2 years. All of my children are on the honor roll and I am happy to say that our blended families have never had a better relationship.”

Jim and Amber have two children together and share custody of Jim’s elder sons from his previous marriage. 

Regarding his ex-wife’s reported attempt to have their son misdiagnosed with autism, Jim claims it was all a misunderstanding. “I learned hospitals in NJ are incentivized to diagnose children with autism, they actually receive increase federal funding as they increase number of children diagnosed with autism. In other words, the more kids the hospital diagnosis the more money the hospital receives. This is scary stuff.”

“At first, I was upset with my prior wife and filed for custody thinking she created the issue. I was personally told by hospital staff that they ‘err on the side of over diagnosis’ for financial reasons. At that point, I realized the hospital was to blame. I am happy to report that none of my children have ever had autism and our families worked together to acquire a second opinion which disproved the bogus diagnosis.”

“All of the kids are happy and healthy; as you will this season,” Jim says. “Yes I was divorced and at times it was difficult to have a blended family. We are in a good place now and both families are prospering.”

Finally, Jim speaks out about his ex-wife Rebecca’s previous issues with the law. 

Rebecca was not convicted of a second degree offense and in fact never committed mortgage fraud. Unfortunately, when her business closed a client was due a disbursement. The credit crisis impacted banks making the disbursements impossible and as the owner she was responsible,” Jim clarifies.

“This action should have been a civil matter, however the State has become understandably reactive to anything having to do with mortgages. In the end, she was made the required disbursement and the matter is closed. She was not sentenced to serve in prison.”

Jim shares that Amber’s motivation to appear on RHONJ is not to take down Melissa Gorga, but to bring awareness to breast cancer and educate young women on the importance of regular self-exams. 

“This season you will get to see my families comical side, faith, fire and passion,” Jim concludes. Thank you Jim for clearing up some information and giving background on your life. RHONJ is better without everyone having a million secrets they try to keep from the cameras, right Melissa?!

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