Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: You’re So Classic

lhh atl zino and stevie

Admittedly, I can’t keep up with all the story lines on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Some are definitely more juicy than others, so sometimes we’re left with a show that mixes in all the second and third tier drama…and that’s what we got last night! Mimi Faust’s father passed away, and she’s upset that she can’t grieve properly because she is too busy defending her actions to everyone. She reveals that Stevie J. sent her a text message saying “Karma is a bitch” which she received the day her father died. He is certainly a classy character. 

Yung Joc and Karlie Redd are back in the studio, and back in the studio now that Karlie has gotten over Joc’s recent cheating. I’m not sure if she’s actually over it though since she continues to grill him about his actions. Whatever happened to having nothing to do with a serial cheater? Karlie feels supported by Joc since he’s pushing her career forward, and she can’t be bothered worrying about his Teletubby fling. 


After Benzino puts Mimi on the cover of Hip Hop Weekly, Stevie is getting a lot of flack from Joseline Hernandez. Stevie goes to confront his friend regarding Mimi and Joseline being in the same issue. Poor Stevie is getting a lot of crap from the Puerto Rican princess, and he blames ‘Zino for causing even more problems at home. Stevie’s worried that he’s not just going to be relegated to sofa sleeping this time. Benzino wonders why Stevie isn’t king of his own castle, and he reminds his friend that this is about making money, not making nice with the ladies in his life.

Surprise, surprise! Another cast mate is starting her own fashion line. Erica Dixon can’t wait to introduce “Classics” to the every woman. She’s enlisted Karlie to help her pick out fabrics for her new styles, but Karlie is more concerned that Joc has gone out of town and may or may not be kickin’ it with other b*tches in different cities. If this is your main worry about your dream guy, it’s time to find another man. Erica wants Karlie to tag along to some Atlanta fashion events to get her mind off Joc. She can even go bra-less. Yes, the Classics line allows even the largest of ta-tas to hang loose. 

Waka Flocka Flame is back and his mother is still upset that he got married without her present. He reminds his mother that his brother would have been very happy to see him with Tammy Rivera. His mother agrees and admits she’s just had a hard time allowing her son to grow up, although she’s very proud of the man he’s becoming. Of course, Waka and Tammy now owe Deb some grandkids…and stat!  

lhh atl rasheeda

Across town, Rasheeda is accompanying Kalenna to her doctor’s appointment. Kalenna is worried that the timing may not be right for a new baby. She and Tony already have a son, and this latest addition will be Tony’s ninth child. Nine. One less than ten. The doctor announces that she’s expecting a Christmas baby, but the test line is very faint. Kalenna questions whether mold could cause a problem with her pregnancy. The actor hired to play her doctor feigns surprise. Why yes!  Yes it could! After a quick ultrasound, the doctor dismisses the option of any issues. Kalenna’s baby is healthy, but the doctor warns her against sex and sex toys. No sex? Kalenna wonders how she’ll deal.

Going through this difficult time, Mimi needs the support of her friends. She is glad that Ariane has reached out to her. Mimi knows that she has to soldier on, but Ariane stresses that it is okay for Mimi to be vulnerable. She shares Stevie’s latest antics, and Mimi is upset that she still allows her ex to get to her. Regardless, Mimi wants Eva to have a good relationship with her father. Ariane promises to support Mimi’s relationship with Nikko since it seems to important to Mimi. He’s certainly been a great support system to her on this episode. Oh wait…

lhh atl deb

Tammy is helping Deb promote her non-profit to bring awareness to online bullying. Deb apologizes to her daughter-in-law for her initial reaction to the marriage. She is excited about the new addition to her family, and she loves Tammy’s daughter as if she were her actual granddaughter. Tammy then invites Deb to join her at a fertility clinic, revealing that she and Waka are ready to start a family together. While Tammy isn’t concerned about her parts functioning properly, Waka smokes…a lot (and I’m guessing she doesn’t mean cigarettes). She needs to make sure his boys are still swimming!

Stevie is still in the dog house with Joseline. He’s hoping that producing a killer video for his wife will get him back in her good graces. Joseline is willing to play along, but he isn’t getting up close and personal with Joseline’s kitty cat any time soon. Meanwhile, Kalenna and Tony are cramped in a hotel. She is stressing about the small space, their financial difficulties, and her careers…not to mention she can’t have any sex. Tony wants to make sure his wife’s pregnancy is stress free.

After hearing about Stevie’s recent behavior, Ariane wants to confront him about his recent treatment of Mimi. Stevie is upset that Mimi is making it sound like she had to do the sex tape to support Eva…as if he is falling down on the job. He’s sorry that Mimi’s father has passed away, but he isn’t going to put up with her interviews putting him down. Ariane believes that Mimi did the sex tape to get back at Stevie, and he confesses that she would have done a better job getting back at him if she’d started dating a doctor or an athlete, not a worse version of himself. At least Ariane can agree with that! She decides to try to coordinate a sit down for the former couple so they can get to a better, more cordial place. 

lhh atl stevie ariane

Erica and Karlie head to a fashion show so that Erica can get a leg up on her competition. With Joc out of town, it’s time for a girls’ night. Erica is surprised to see Lil’ Scrappy checking out the scene, He enjoys seeing his ex, but he was hoping for a night of models and shots, not baby mamas. The former couple is flirting up a storm, and Karlie thinks that they are the perfect pair. Erica is happy that they can get along, but she has no plans to reignite anything with Scrap. Across the club, Joc is hanging out with his realtor/driver/accountant/side-piece. Scrap is worried that the shiz-nigh-ee is about to hit the fan. Erica spots Joc, and Karlie can’t believe he lied to her about being out of town. Now he’s here with Miss Piggy! She walks up to confront the pair, but we’ve got to save that craziness for next week’s episode!


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