Ramona Singer

Ramona Singer is never one to accept blame, but she is one to boast (erroneously) about her own so-called accomplishments. 

It’s no secret that ratings for this season of Real Housewives of New York have been lower than anticipated despite some decent story lines and fresh faces. However, the show has failed to ever recapture it’s heyday from after the mass firing. Ramona, as one of the few remaining veterans of the show, certainly doesn’t fault herself for the ratings floundering. 

She insists her co-stars are to blame. “It’s the chemistry of the people,” Ramona complained. “I believe the chemistry hasn’t been quite right. I believe Sonja [Morgan] and I were not afraid to step out and be ourselves. And some people (on the show) are just too cautious.”


Ramona believes that to be successful on reality TV  “you need a big personality” and “not so interesting” Housewives have disappointed viewers.  Luckily for viewers Ramona and Sonja have been around to as Ramona put it: “carry the show.”

“I think some of the new women — they’re nice and they’re wonderful, and they’re smart and they’re great — but they’re not big enough personalities. And that’s what makes it not so interesting,” Ramona declared to NY Daily News. “Before it was me, Sonja, Bethenny, Jill — four huge personalities. Yet this season, there’s seven women but there’s only two big personalities — Sonja and I. We need two more big personalities. Two people can’t carry the show.” Wait – Ramona wants Jill back?!

Viewers seem to love LuAnn de Lesseps this season and Heather Thomson, both of whom have hugely demonstrative personalities. Kristen Taekman has been hot and cold with viewers, but I certainly wouldn’t call her shy. Of course, Aviva Drescher and Ramona both have vibrant, so to speak, personalities but that certainly doesn’t make them engaging to viewers. Especially when they are hiding major facets of their lives from the cameras – as is the case of Ramona, who was shielding Mario’s affair from the prying eyes of Bravo cameras!

Tonight, on the second installment of the reunion, Andy will confront Ramona on the state of her marriage and she will bite his head off, only to be prodded by LuAnn who wants to know why Ramona can pass judgement on everyone else’s relationships and spouses while insisting hers gets a pass! Touché! 

“Actually, Ramona and I get into it. Usually the interplay is between the ladies, but actually she and I get into it,” Andy revealed to Jimmy Fallon of the incident. “I was asking her probing questions, and she said, ‘Well who are you having sex with tonight?’ And I said, ‘When I go on a reality show about my life, I’ll let you know.'”

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